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I posted a message at the end of november about my new kitten coming home while to a resident kitten. I didn't follow anything that you guys suggest and just let them introduce themselves and get used to who they were. The res was too curious and the new one was probably scared but they are great now and even play with each other. Granted they play aggressively but they play. It's nice. You guys said you wanted an update so there ya go.
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Good to hear they're getting along!
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I'm sorry i never saw your post but thats great to hear that their getting on ok!

My two play rough sometimes but like you say their playing and thats the main thing
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Glad it worked out!
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All cats are different...they have different personalities..just like us...they wanted to do it there way in your case...LOL...i am so happy things worked out for you...........and I am glad your kitties are in a good home....
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Glad they're getting along so well now. Thank you for the update!
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I am glad your kitties have gotten along well with eachother, it can be a worrisome time bringing a new kitty into the house.


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