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Post your close-ups!

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I thought we could start another great thread that was lost again.



This is the only close-up I have of Spyder (it's also on the relaxed cat thread)


And Winnie:

Now all I need is close-ups of Crystal, Roo and Francine and that will be all of my kitties in close-up!
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Hehe is this close enough?

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The Sammycat, man it's hard to get a real good close up of him.

And of course Oscar. He is a lot easier to get a close up of since he will be still.

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Here is Izzie

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This is as close as i've been able to get and actually have it look halfway decent.

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How's this for a close-up?

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This is my only close-up
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My baby Mellie laying in Mommy's lap.

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lol, close ups are my favorite!!

here is my most recent of Adelaide:

this one is a little dark, but I love it :

and I think I posted this in the cat model thread, but this is Tiger:

I like this thread keep the close ups coming!!
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Red Cat

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oi, such cuties

here's lazarus
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My sweet baby girl!

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I LOVE Redcat's eyeliner!!!!!!! It's rare in gingers, really.
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Aw such great pictures! And Steph - Sierra is TOO sweet looking!
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Sierra thanks you so much, Ariana and Baylee!
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nice pictures cat people i love the close ups
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*is still figuring out how to post pics*
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Here's Abbie:


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This is about as close as you can get to Sam with a close up! He hates the camera.

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Aww Buttercup you are so beautiful.

Abby both of your cats are gorgeous!
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Babygirl, you do love you some Buttercup, don't you . You should have said something sooner...she's already in her new home...she could have been yours! I miss her and Briar terribly! Guess I'll have to search the streets of Chicago & trap some more babies to fill my "empty nest"!
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Yes she's beautiful and she looks like my baby pitufo (yeah I know he's black). I wanted them to be a couple.

Why didn't you keep her?
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This first one was taken when Thomas was about 4 weeks old and is one of my all time favorites of him. I was standing above him looking down as he was about to climb up on his scratching post.

And this one is Shelby when she had climbed into my daughter's backpack.

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These pics are amazing.

Here's Sylvestra

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