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Santa's little strippers

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A public housing complex in North Carolina rejected gifts for the kids by an adult nightclub after many complaints from residents in the bible belt with regards to last year's gift.

So was it wrong to reject the gift from these santa's little helpers?
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If the gifts were financed by illegal activities, such as dealing illegal drugs, I could see turning them down. This was obviously a legal operation, as otherwise they would have avoided last year's photo-op, so why not accept the presents for the kids?
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A former shock jock in the Tampa Bay area used to sponsor an annual Christmas toy drive called "Toys for T*ts", a take-off on the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots program. The point was to drop off your toys at a local strip club where the dancers would be receiving the gifts. Not exactly my cup of tea, but there was nothing illegal about it.
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That was ridiculous to turn down perfectly good gifts, but it is surprising how often it happens, and for the stupidest reasons.
My s/o's grandpa used to make wooden toys and step stools in his workshop that were just beautiful. He would start in the spring and make them up until Christmas. He would take old bicycles and rebuild really nice ones from broken ones, and even put custom paint jobs on them. He gave them to Toys for Tots for years, then one year they turned him away, saying they only accepted store bought toys.
He took them to the nuns at the convent up the road, who were just thrilled to get them for their orphanage and the poor kids from the Church. After that the nuns got them every year.
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Aren't the people in the community sending out a double message? They don't want gifts from strippers to be donated, but at the same time, they are criticizing another place for not accepting donated gifts from stippers? Maybe I'm reading into wrong?

I think the strippers are donating to a good cause and the complainers of the community are not recognizing that fact. Besides that, am I to assume that no one in the community goes to this club and supports it?
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The pastor at the First Baptist Church said it's within the spirit for people of different backgrounds to come together and help the less fortunate.
That sounds reasonable - as long as he is not judging the people - it is the people in the community that are complaining, not the church itself.

Why not accept the toys for the kids - they dont have to know it came from strippers - just from good samaritans.
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It was all over the local news here. The article doesn't seem to agree with what has been reported in this area of NC. From the reports here it appears the housing director made a unilateral decision and it had nothing to do with any complaints that may or may not have been received. With all the public pressure AGAINST his decision he was forced to reverse it. Then he claimed they had plenty of presents and didn't need them, so the club is donating the presents to another group in need.

The club advertises on the radio every year for a special night to "bring a toy and get in for free". It's on the news every year and, contrary to this article, there has never been any report of a public outcry against it.
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Seems like the majority of us agree. Letting perfectly good gifts go to waste just seems pointless... I can understand how people would be a bit wary of where the presents were come from, but they're presents just the same!
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The kids could care less where the toys come from. Santa has helpers in all shapes, sizes and occupations!
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All I can think is of some little kid waking up on Christmas morning and not having a gift because these gifts were turned way. That idea makes me very angry. Who cares where the gifts came from?

I do hope that if even one child has to face a presentless Christmas because this the people that made the decision are made to suffer somehow, somewhere. I'm not sure I believe in the afterlife and Heaven and Hell but in cases like this I always hope it's true. After all I do believe there is something in the Bible about he who is sinless should throw the first stone and not judging others as it is not your place to do so.
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