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Urinary problem in an overweight cat?

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Miss Kitty has been squatting in the litter box a lot. I first noticed it yesterday. She goes in there about 5 times in a row, pees a little the first few times, and then doesn't pee at all the next few times. Then she quits for a while. I'm planning to take her to the vet but they're closed all weekend, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow.
She's eating and drinking, playing, and doing all her normal kitty things. She's just acting wierd in the pee department. She's not crying or anything when she goes...it doesn't seem like she's in any pain. (When MK is in pain, she will yowl...no yowling here.) Normally she expells a lot of urine at once, a few times a day.
Could she have a urinary tract infection? I've had them before and you go once and it feels like you have to go about a million more times even though you really don't have anything to expell. Cranberry juice helps me a lot when I get one...should I try giving her some as a temporary solution until I can get her to the vet, or is cranberry bad for cats? (Don't worry, I haven't given her any.)
The thing that really worries me is that she's overweight (we've been trying for a year to trim her down and she's only lost a couple pounds). I've heard that one of the signs of diabetes in cats is frequent urination. She weighs about 15lbs right now, too much for her small frame. She runs, jumps, plays, and gets 3/4 cup of Purina Indoor formula a day. Can't seem to get the weight off her. She's 4 years old.
Any ideas as to what might be wrong with her? She's pretty healthy other than this recent thing.
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I would certainly take her in and until then not do much of anything. Frequent urination is one of the many symptoms of diabetes, as is drinking more water, excessive weight loss and increased appetite.

Until a vet can tell you what is wrong, don't try and treat her on your own.
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I doubt it's diabetes, then...she isn't drinking more than normal, she hasn't lost weight and her appetite is normal.
She's in for a vet visit! Yay! She'll be thrilled, I'm sure. haha
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