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Flea question....

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OK...so I noticed yesterday that Ashley has FLEAS. OMG....I saw a little bit of flea dirt here and there (not a lot, though) and saw one of those suckers running around on her belly. I managed to kill that one.

SO..here are my questions: If there is ONE flea that I see, there are obviously more, is that correct? There WASN'T a LOT of flea dirt. I mean, not everywhere I parted her fur did I see it. So....how many more are there estimated to be on her? A few weeks ago I used a slicker brush on her and had NO evidence of fleas, flea dirt, etc on the fur that came out.

I have used Frontline in the past on her (like 4 years ago) and it worked wonders! I can only get that through a vet, right?? And....what is the average cost of that stuff??

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Yes, there's never just one flea and lots of flea dirt means there could be quite a few. You need to act quickly with fleas. Because they suck the kitty's blood, they can make her anaemic. It would be a good idea if you got her tested for worms also, as fleas carry worms and the cat becomes infected when they groom and swallow the flea.

You will almost never see a flea just using a grooming brush - they are very good at gripping the fur and the only brush that helps to remove them is a very fine-toothed metal flea comb. You can use Frontline, Advantage or Program. Always buy these from a vet as the over-the-counter versions can sometimes be dangerous.

I can't advise you as to the cost as I'm in Australia but I'm sure another member will come along and let you know.
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