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Your government is there to help you

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We can commend to our more "mature" TCS'ers, such as we are, an article in the NY Times this morning about how helpful the Medicare Help Line is. This is the telephone help line set up to assist seniors to understand the medicare program, including the mysteries of the new prescription drug program established by the Bush administration.

Here is just one example of how a test question from the Government Accountability Office was answered:

"In another example, callers asked if Medicare would pay for power wheelchairs. The answer depends, in part, on whether a beneficiary has enough upper body strength, or 'trunk strength,' to propel a manual wheelchair.

"But a Medicare operator, confusing trunk strength with the size of a car trunk, 'incorrectly explained that Medicare would cover a power wheelchair only if a beneficiary had adequate space to put it in the trunk of his car,' the report said."

According to Dr. Mark B. McClellan, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

"We believe we responded as well as we reasonably could given the unique and demanding circumstances."

Dr. McClellan, the brother of Scott McClellan, the president's spokesman, is widely rumored in Washington to be in line to be appointed as the new Secretary of Health and Human Services.
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Now why doesn't this surprise me? My mom has been complaining about the Medicare prescription drug plan for months. The information she was sent by Medicare was pages and pages of very confusing small print that she couldn't read, even with her glasses on, and the local pharmacies have also been unable to advise her which card would be best for her (she has severe asthma, and her medications are switched on a regular basis, because the optimum medication still hasn't been found, i.e., nothing seems to work). I've read a couple of articles, among others in the NY Times, criticizing the plan as being "rushed" and "confusing".
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Trunk size, that is so funny.

Yeah I hear nothing but bad about this medicare thing.
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My father died in August of 2002. The last few years of his life, the monthly cost of his medications averaged between $800 and $1,000, so I'm definitely in favor of a prescription drug plan for senior citizens. I simply don't understand why such a complicated system of plans has been introduced, and why cheaper (re-)imports from Canada have been prohibited. My impression is that the lobbyists are running the country.
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honestly poor training is a problem everywhere not just within the government.
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