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Snipping Simon

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My sweet wee man is not so wee. He'll be 6 months on or about the 15 of December, and so his neutering is going to happen on Tuesday, the 14th. The vet assures me he will just fine - and I think he will be. But I'm concerned, of course, about it.

It's been a long time since I've snipped a male. What should I expect regarding after the surgery? He's to go in about 8 am, and I'll get him after work, at about 5:30. I've made sure my calendar is clear so I can be with him that night, and the next morning. Do you think I need to clear my calendar for that afternoon, too?

And I expect to be leaving on a brief - and oh so needed - Christmas holiday from the 22-27. Will he be recovered enough by then so that I can leave him in relative safety?

In my head, I know he will be fine. In my heart, I'm scared for him. Any advice?

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My little Saki was neutered at 11 weeks and I believe I adopted him the same (or next) day. He was just fine, totally unphased. I dont think you'll have anything to worry about as far as leaving for the holiday. Of course just make sure he will be well cared for while you're gone! Females have a lot harder time with spaying and need much longer recover.
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He should really be fine right away. I've had 20 so neutered since July and only had trouble with one and it was minor. Most of them were done 6months or younger. They were always bouncing around in the carriers and ready to play when I went in to pick them up the day of surgery.

i always use the newspaper litters after instead of the clumping clay ones because of the open incision back there.

like sicycat said its harder on girls. because i get mine done earlier (around 2 pounds) they recover a lot faster. it usually takes them a day to get back to their normal behavior.

I hope your little boy does great!!! try not to worry too much. let us know how he does.
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I am sure your little one will be just fine. I haven't had any problems with my males getting neutered!!! Don't worry to much!


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as everyone has said I am sure Simon will be fine. Cedar was neutered at 8 weeks a few days before I adopted him - however Tipsy was neutered at 6 months - and he really was fine the next day

Michele - Simon is going to be just fine
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It's so natural for you to feel nervous, Michele. You are doing exactly the right thing for Simon, and I know he will sail right through his procedure and be right back at home with his loving Mommy in no time at all feeling great!
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WIth Simon, he will probably be reading up on the procedure the day after!! And deciding to try for med school!
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
WIth Simon, he will probably be reading up on the procedure the day after!! And deciding to try for med school!
ROFLMAO! So true!! The other day, he decided to show my friend my peach tank top - and my peach bra. Brought them in and deposited them on the turbo racer. So now he's coordinating my wardrobe, too.

Sigh. This guy keeps me on my toes.....

I know it's normal to be nervous...and I guess this means I'm normal. I expect I'll call about 20 times during the day.

And yes, worry not, the gang will be very well taken care of during my absence - I have a neighbor with 4 cats, and she's going to come in and take care of my lovebugs while I'm gone.

I am just anxious about it. Thanks for the hugs...I'm storing them up and keeping them for Tuesday.

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I called the vet to confirm what I already knew; no food/water after midnight, and tomorrow, he gets dropped off around 8, and I can come get him around 5-6. I can bring a shirt that I've slept in for the last two nights, so he has my smell near him.

But what do I have that smells like him to keep me calm? Sigh...

I have meetings back to back all day, so at least I will be busy. I also know they will call if there is any issue, and they've got all my numbers. And, I will be calling them, too. But I'm nervous. He seems so young for this. I know he's not, but it seems like he is.

I'm being so silly, I know, but I'm nervous for my bottle baby!


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Just wanted to say good luck tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by Sicycat
Just wanted to say good luck tomorrow!
Thanks! Everything went fine, and I only called 3 times, too!

Simon is home, and is groggy. He was mean at the vets, according to the tech who brought him out to me. He was fine once he heard me, though, and then I cuddled him a bit, and tucked him into my jacket, and he was fussy but fine. Kept talking to my jacket, and complaining he wanted to go home.

Right now, my genius is asleep in the "bed" next to my computer. He came home, sniffed around, and decided he needed to lay down. He doesn't even want dinner. Poor guy.

He should be completely back on his feet tomorrow, so I'm not worrying any more. Phew.

And, not one of the others are giving him a hard time. No fighting, no attitude, nothing. As a matter of fact, Esse is sleeping about 8 inches away from Simon, with one paw stretched out towards him. So it's all good on the home front, too.

Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight....

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Yay! Glad everything went well

You are lucky.. the other day when I brought Zoey home from the vet Saki was a total jerk to her. First he acted like she was a different cat then he started making his mean Saki noises at her and he even tried to swat at her (not playfully). She must have really stunk like vet and he absolutely freaks at the vet.
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I'm glad Simon is all ok When my guys got done, you wouldn't even now that they had surgery!!!!!!!
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You can definitely tell something was done with Simon. While his hind end looks all right, he's still really, really groggy, and uncoordinated. He's also in some pain, but wouldn't any one be? LOL, this really is the first time I've seen Simon grumpy/grouchy/mean.

He keeps yelling at me, but still won't use his claws or bite. He's such a good boy.

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