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I'm Dinah'sMommy !!!

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Hey all! It's been a while, as I have been rediculously busy. I have missed everyone here.

I have a new screen name due to the forum crash a while back, which has caused me to have to start from scratch with a new screen name.
Bummer... I was just over 400 posts using Dinah'sMommy.

Anyway... It's great to be here again. I cant wait to begin talking with you all again.
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Hey it's good to see you back! How are things?
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I'm so glad you're back!
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Things are going pretty well. I am moving this upcomming weekend, to a cheaper place just down the road. The boys are doing very well. Dinah is about 7 1/2 months now and is getting so big. I have been thinking about getting her a buddy. Any suggestions or ideas?
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Oh best of luck with the shift - I know it all to well. Having moved four times in the last two years. I think you should get Dinah a buddy!
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I REAAAALLLY want to get her one, but want to wait untill after I am settled. I wouldnt want to bring in a newbie amidst all that craziness. I absolutely love Snowshoes, Scottish Folds & Manx' and would love to get one of either breed, I just dont know where too look. I have looked at the specific breed rescues, and can not afford to get one from a direct breeder. I bet my boys would love to have another kitty around.
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Glad to hear you are doing well. You could look on Petfinder for a new kitty. There are sometimes pure breed cats there to rescue. Bummer about losing all your posts, you'll just have to post a lot to get your number back up.
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Welcome Back
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Did you change your username intentionally, or did you think you couldn't reregister Dinah'sMommy? If you want to switch it back, let me know.
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Good to see you back! I agree that you should wait until things settle a bit and you and Dinah (getting big) are accustomed to the new place, but I'm sure she would want a brother or sister someday!

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Hey there...
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