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My parents are currently giving my husband an earful about the house. We went through a house inspection and found the average number of issues with a house built in the 50s with one thing that needs immediate attention. DH is acting like he has to have everything fixed within a week, not like he has 5-10 years to do everything to the house he wants to do and he's not wanting to buy the house (but he likes a brand new house in a lousy neighborhood and I've already told him that I'm not raising my kids in that neighborhood). My parents say it's this house or nothing and I do NOT want to raise my kids in this neighborhood either. I've told you guys how cruddy it is. And....I can't have Toes here! And....if we get the house we get another cat because a stepcousin can no longer keep her cat so they asked me to take him (he's apparently a big burmese who loves people and cats). So I'm frustrated and my parents are frustrated and DH is frustrated. So this is the latest house update. I've basically told him that I am not living here, but that he can decide if we move into the house or not.
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Oh Ericka! I must have missed your other news about the house that you guys were in *insert word starting with E* with. I'll have to do a bit of searching. I can totally understand you not wanting to bring up little Jamison in a rough neighbourhood. I hope DH will change his mind.
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The word's escrow. Yes, this is part of that. I want this house! It's a great little house and in a good neighborhood and close to my stepson and slightly close to both of our jobs. But DH is being so negative about everything. *whine* Men! Sorry guys.
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Hey whine all you want, that's what we are here for! I hope you get that house, it sounds perfect.
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Aww TT, I hope everything works out with the house the way you want it to. Stick to your guns!
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Originally Posted by TTMom
The word's escrow. Yes, this is part of that. I want this house! It's a great little house and in a good neighborhood and close to my stepson and slightly close to both of our jobs. But DH is being so negative about everything. *whine* Men! Sorry guys.
What's so negative about a nice house in a good neighborhood and near the workplace? Maybe your DH is set on the other one and he's just making excuses. I hope you solve your differences soon!
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We're set! Mom and Dad did the job (the cool thing about my parents and my hubby is that he sees them as his own parents and they see him as their own son)! DH is much more comfortable with things now. We just need a quote on the one major repair that has to be done and report that back to the seller and then the final decision is made by Wednesday. We're supposed to close on the 22nd and we'll start moving that day. My parents and my sister are coming out. I can't wait to see my kitty again too! My stepson loves my kitty and he loves my stepson. And Toeser's reaction to the baby will be interesting because he's a big baby too. My Mom has warned me that I'm going to have both babies crying at the same time a lot. That will be interesting when it happens (I lived in an apartment below someone who had a new baby and every time it cried Toes would look at the ceiling and cry, you could tell he was saying, "Make it stop, Mommy!"). So I'll still keep you guys up to date, but I'll probably be incommunicado around Christmas due to the move, not the holiday. And I thank board magic for a lot of this positive stuff so you guys are an integral part to my marvelous holiday I have coming up. Thanks!
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Great! You are on your way to a very, very jolly Christmas!
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Thanks! I am SOOOOOO looking forward to this. Once we move I'll have to post pics and new outside pics (because it'll be much prettier there).
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cant wait to see the photos Ericka - and I hope the move goes smoothly. so glad to hear that your parents helped calm DH down.

ooohhh how exciting for you both
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Oh exciting! So this means Toes can come live with you right??
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I am glad things worked out for you. Good luck on your move.
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Good for you, Erika! Good Luck! You are going to be very busy!
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Wow, I'm so relieved. Phew! I started reading the thread and thought "oh no, the move's going to collapse". But then I got to the end and it's the house you want.

Good luck with the move and settling the babies in.

We'll be waiting for those piccies you know

See ya when you're all settled in your new home
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Good luck with the move, Ericka!
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Hurrah - in for Christmas (just)
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It's about time for all your "kids" to move in together!
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I just got all the utilities set to transfer over. We'll be down for 2 days. Not too bad, eh? And on Monday we'll be in a hotel (with wifi no less) so we can bomb the apartment (remember all the bug issues we've had?).
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Oh Erica, I'm excited for you! I remember almost 4 years ago when Jerry and I bought our home. It also was built in the 50's and needed some repairs. The biggest were the new driveway and water proofing the basement.....hope yours aren't that extensive, but even if they are, they are fixable!! GOOD LUCK!
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