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To A Childhood Friend

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17 years ago in my closet a wonderful kitty gave birth to a litter of three kittens, and in that litter was born my childhood friend, Bootsy. The last of her line, Bootsy joins the great kitty heaven in the sky. She lived a long and healthy life, and very happy life. She was smart, social, and loved to talk to anyone who would listen to her. I have so many fond memories when I was a child with her in them. She was my best friend. Whenever I cried, she would be there to comfort me, whenever I had a fond memory I can remember her not being far.

Bootsy liked to bring "presents" to me, usually leaving them on my bed. I remember one time my mom had me clean under my bed, and along with a bowl of old holloween candy there sat a very moldy musk rat. YUCK! Along with the many presents, she liked to hunt the barn swallows, which of course didn't appeciate this too much. When ever she went outside in the summer the swallows would floke around her and take turn sweeping apon her and pecking her on the head. But the bird species got their revenge on her. When I was around 10 my parents decided to raise Turkeys. I will never forget the fist time she layed eyes on our Tom! She was never the same again. With tail puffed out and the fur on her back raised she zoomed to the shed for cover. If the turkey's happen to be roaming free that Tom never missed an opportunity to tease that poor cat.

Bootsy died of a tumor which was pressing against her heart, and grew until her poor weak heart couldn't beat anymore. At her age the vet said that it was just simply her time. She also suffored from an acute case of asthma, which steroids were not longer helping. She will be greatly missed by my parents and I, and never will be replaced.

So, take care my little Bootsy, run free in the sky above.
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Bootsy sounds like a unique & special girl. Thank you for sharing her story.

It's so hard to lose a companion who's been so loving & faithful for so many years, through all the changes and difficulties of growing up. I hope that you will continue to draw comfort from the sweet memories & love she has given you.

May sweet Bootsy rest peacefully & play in the sunbeams over the Rainbow Bridge
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What a wonderful tribute to Bootsy! May she continue to R.I.P.
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Oh my dear ... what a sweet little friend she was to you! Cherish her memories and remember her well and often. She will never be more than a heartbeat away from you.

Hugs and healing light,

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I'm so very sorry you lost your precious lifelong friend. How very difficult this must be for you as you face your first days without sweet Bootsy, your cherished companion who has been at your side for so many years. She lived such a full, happy life, and is now in perfect health finding presents in Heaven! The two of you will be reunited one wonderful day! Thank you for sharing your pain with us, if you ever need an understanding friend, we are right here, anytime at all.
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Bootsy certainly did sound like a wonderful girl I can only imagine how your heart must ache to loose a long time friend - I wish I could say the right words to help take some of the pain away - but I cant

Bootsy certainly is playing freely at the Rainbow Bridge - she is in no pain and in perfect healthy - she will be watching over you & your family until you meet again

RIP sweet Bootsy
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Thank you for sharing some of your memories of Bootsy she sounds a very special cat. It is good to remember with smiles although the pain is still there. she is watching over you and you will meet again.
Take care
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Oh Starchild there´s not words to express my condolences Bootsy is now on the rainbow with another furfriends Happy R.I.P. Sweet angel
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