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To My Sweet Little Cleo...

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To my sweet little Cleo who went over the Rainbow Bridge 4 month ago. I can't believe it has been that long already. I still miss you so much my sweet little girl. Even tho DeeDee is staying with me now, she can't fill the emptiness you left behind, she can't make me laugh and giggle like you did with your silly antics.
I know you are happy now and without pain and suffering. I am trying to be brave and I am getting better, I know you always got upset when I cried and you sat there and demanded attention till I stopped crying and was smiling again. You'll be always with me in my heart my sweet Cleo, I love you.

Cleo 7/4/98 - 8/12/04

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My heart goes out to yours ... I do so feel your pain. Even though Cleo didn't want you to cry, it is sometimes a healing thing to do - allow yourself to grieve her, dear. It is normal to feel the way you do and reaching out here was a wonderful way to allow yourself to feel her loss - and share it with us.

Hugs and healing light,

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Cleo was one of the most beautiful kitties that I have ever had the pleasure of "meeting" on the internet, Rita. I know Cleo touched your life and left an imprint on it so deep - she is with all the other TCS RB babies up there and I truly believe she is proudly sporting her angel wings. You are in my thoughts.
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My heart goes out to you.

Cleo was a beautiful girl.

May she chase all the butterflies she could ever want joyfully over the Rainbow Bridge
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oh yes as Sam said - I also believe she is proudly sporting her angel wings

Cleo was beautiful Rita and we all know how much you loved her and how much she loved you - I am glad you have reposted a tribute to her on here
you know that she is watching over you until you meet again

RIP sweet angel Cleo - play happily at the RB
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You are in my thoughts. Time does have a way of healing and when you are ready you will be able to remember Cleo without crying and think of her with a smile in your heart.
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As I mentioned to you, it was very brave of you to repost your tribute. What a special little girl Cleo was. You are right in that no one will ever be able to take the place of this wonderful baby. Just remember that she loved you very much and that you made her very, very, happy. I think Sam said something wonderful when she mentioned all of the other special TCS kittens at the bridge that she is there playing with.

Chase the butterflies and pounce around in a field of flowers, Sweet Cleo, and give my RB kitties a headbutt for me.

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Oh so sorry for your lost, my prayers for you R.I.P.
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You tore my tears out of my eyes. I was wondering how much time has passed since then. thinking of you
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My prayers and thouts for you. Luckily,she is in the Rainbow Bridge now.
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Rita, I know how special Cleo was too you, while I never knew about her before she left for the RB... Everything you say about her shows that kind of love~
Cry till you can cry no more, I will give you a shoulder to do it on
It takes a long time to see what she was and remember that, without tears, but before long they will be happy tears, ones that show you the life you had together...
DeeDee can never fill Cleo's spot in your heart, but I would like to believe that DeeDee came to live with you afterwards for a special reason... Cleo obviously never wanted to see you in pain... She knew the love you have and still have more to share, and that new love is for DeeDee,
I really believe Cleo had something to do with it
RIP sweet Cleo, you are loved more than words can say~

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Oh dear, Rita, now I'm crying for you.I'm so very sorry you lost your precious Cleo.It's so wonderful that you know how happy and healthy she is now in Heaven full of joy and playing with her new friends. Your baby girl knows just how much you love her and wouldn't want you to be sad even for a moment because she love you so very much! My prayers are with you that you will feel peace in your heart during this difficult time.
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OMG I cried instantly when I read your post!

I made a little poem for Cleo

C leo your picture says a thousand words of your life that was filled with love
L onely is your Mom without you, but, prayers are sent to you daily up above
E veryday she tries to feel a little stronger than the day before
O nly you know, deep inside, that she still loves you, only more!

R.I.P. you beautiful creation!
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Thanks for your kind words and comfort and thanks for the pretty flower Chris. Cheryl, Thank you for the sweet poem about Cleo .

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