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Stella got SPAYED!!!

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Okay Stella got spayed last week and since then she has been great, except one problem. Every time she goes in our room she pees on the bed. We have now locked her out of the bedroom. But she has snuck in while I was bringing laundry in and again peed on the bed. Our feather bed is ruined and is no longer on the bed. We had this prob when we first got her and she was not sick then and now? What to do??
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i'd say shes trying to tell you shes upset. my kitten has pooped on the floor twice before when shes been upset with me even though she was vet checked and perfectly healthy.

has anything else changed at home? if the hose has changed since she got back she might be feeling insecure.

or it might hurt her when she pees or crouches and the nice, soft absorbant bed is more comfortable than a litter box.

i'd take her to the vet if i was you just to make sure shes ok.

you could also try feliway or rescue remedy to calm her. i havnt tried feliway bt its got rave reviews at the form!

try to be patient with her, shes doing it becase shes pset not to be lazy or mean. she might jst need a bit of attention or a hug.

keep us posted, hope that helps
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I would also recommend that you take Stella to her Vet. She is likely telling you that something is not right.
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Since this is a behavior problem, I'll move this to the Behavior forum.
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I too would suggest that you take her to the vet and ask the vet to do a needle draw from her bladder and test the urine. It could be that even though she doesn't "seem" sick, she is. They hide it so well, they truly do. Once you have ruled out health issues, you need to look at behavior and environmental issues. But first, rule out the health end of it. Stress can cause a cat to get sick quite quickly. And vet visits are stressful for any cat.

Also have you seen our post here?


You will need a good enzyme cleaner to take the urine smell and stain out Nature's Miracle or Nok-Out might work, but you would have needed to apply those while the urine stains were fresh so it may not take all the old stains out. Also, I hope you didn't punish your cat for peeing on your bed- she more than likely couldn't help it.

Also I read you other posting about how you didn't get help. The board crashed recently and we lost track of a lot of important threads. Trying to get back from that has been difficult. I saw your subject line Stella got spayed- and figured (wrongly) that it was about a spay operation and you were worried while she was in the vet's office having it. Nothing in your subject line alerted me that there might be a problem, so I passed it off and didn't read the post and for that I apologize-
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Finally, thanx 4 the advice, I have already taken Stella to the vet and she has a clean bill of health. The vet said it must be a behavor problem, she did it again today. No I have not punished her, but she knows when I find it I get upset, she comes crying to her mommy saying sorry. To cute to punish. In the meantime vet said its probably because of her getting spayed and that It should only last a few weeks BUT my husband is getting fed up with the constant washing of our bedding and the quilts are ruined. I try to keep her out but shes a sneeky one. I have even put a bell on her collar so I can hear her coming. She crys all night and has even figured out a way to paw into the room. I hate locking her out she is my baby I have totally hita wall with this I just want her to stop. I hope it stops.
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