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looking for a friend

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...i am planning on adopting a new cat within the next few months and wondered what the best match was for my one year old female, polly...she is very feisty/playful and is just beginning to realize how nice it is to be petted. i think she would truly benefit from a companion. if anyone has any ideas, please let me know...thanks!

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if she is fiesty and playful, then I'd suggest an abyssinian. They are non stop energy in a small cat. I have oen and he keeps the other 3 cats I have busy playing with all of them one after anotehr. When one stops, he goes for another! they love it though and I love it too since they tucker him out and then (sometimes) he will sleep all night. But he was pretty costly so if you aren't looking for a cat that costs an arm and a leg, try the animal shelter. they also have lots of cats that could be potential balls of energy. I hope you find that next little lover!!!!! Keep us posted!
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Hi! I have two cats - Angus, the older male cat I got when he was two - after a year, I realized that he needed a buddy (oh - and let's be honest, I was addicted to the little beasts!) - so I haunted all the shelters in our area for about a month until I found the right cat - a little 6 month old feisty gray girl (with no voice but a squawk) - Pepper. I heard it is best when you are adding another animal to get the opposite sex and young so the other sees it as no threat. Things have worked out fine for the two of them - no fights at all - unless Angus tries too hard to play the heavy with Pep.

Good luck! I envy you the fun of bringing home another cat (with two cats, two guinea pigs, and a new puppy - I'd say our house is full!)

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