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Licking people?

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Little Zoe is a licker. She cuddles up to me and her dad in the mornings and licks our faces and arms. She licks our hands when we pet her. She licks anything you put near her. She also likes to lick and chew on the tips of my fingers. If she's not playing with you, she's trying to lick you. Strange little cat, she is. Is this a sign of affection? Like is she trying to groom us?
Another this she likes is to have her forehead nuzzled. (I act like I'm licking her forehead...I really just rub my nose over it in the direction her fur grows.) After I quit doing this, she'll lick my nose and forehead. I noticed that her cat mom did that, so I started doing it as a comfort thing for her when I brought her home...kind of to ease the seperation from her cat mom.
I have had cats that liked to lick people's hands before, but I've never had one that licked as much as Zoe does.
Other than the forehead thing (the reason for that seems obvious), why would she be such a licker? Anyone else have a kitty who does that?
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Ebony does this too!!! Licking all the time!! Hands, fingers, toes, face...she's really funny --- sometimes she'll try to play with our hands and go to bite them but then she'll change her mind and start licking instead. I think its a sign of affection...like you said she's trying to groom you. I have never worried about it beign a problem. Ebony likes to bathe herself a lot so i guess she just wants to make sure we're clean too!
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Okay... there's a difference between licking all the time, and when a cat starts to bite and then licks you.

If you're petting a cat, it can be either for a while or in a particular spot, but sometimes instinct kicks in and their mind thinks, "in a vulernable position, what's going on, bite!"... so that's what they start doing... then their mind goes, "wait I love this human, she's just being nice to me" and so they lick you. I've read this in several books... it's like instinct and their love for you confuses them for a bit.

If she's licking you on a regular basis, it might be that she's trying to groom you. Baylee will randomly start licking my hand like that.

I've read this in books so I hope this is right!
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I don't know but it is cute! I love when Char does that.
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