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CAT WOMAN-Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Hi Katie -

What a wonderful story!!! I'm all teary now, though! I have a special affection for that part of the country, since my brother and his family lived there for several years.
I'm glad the kitties there have a guardian angel...

The only group I'm familiar with in that area is the Rappahannock Humane Society. It's a small, volunteer group that does a lot of work with the ferals in that area. Since you're in Northern VA, I'm wondering if you've heard of them...

Thanks again for a terrific story!
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What a nice story!! And especially coming from close to home. Thanks for sharing
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KTLynn...actually I do know of the Rappahannock Humane Society and the rescue I volunteer with pulls from the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter..so that area is also rather special to me.

It really was a moving story and now I can't wait to volunteer at the feral cat clinic on the 19th. I hope we have over 100 cats.

Bery...if you want to join Gargoyle and myself at the feral cat clinic...let me know and I'll forward you the email from Alley Cat Allies.

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What is this feral cat clinic? Is it a weekend type of thing? What do you do? I am not quite sure how far this is from us, but if it is something like for the weekend I think I would enjoy that!
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chixyb..would love to see you there...it's actually this Sunday...I'll post the info:

It's at the Centreville Animal Clinic.

What better holiday gift can you give to the kitties than your time and
compassion? Please help us give our feral friends a new beginning in
2005!!! The December feral cat spay/neuter clinic is scheduled for the

You know the drill! Please let me know by Wednesday, December 15th if
you will be there. Let me know where you would like to volunteer, and
as always, please be flexible if your skills are needed in an area
outside of your first choice.

* Admitting ( begins at 8:00 am)
* Transport
* Anesthesia
* Prep
* Spay Vet Assistant
* Grooming
* Recovery
* Surgical Instrument Maintenance
* Clean-Up (arrive at 2:30) - MUCH NEEDED!!!!!!!! A great
opportunity to help for those that can't commit the whole day.

For the kitties - Heather


I think it might be easier for you to help with Angels of Assisi since Centreville is a ways for you.

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What a wonderful story!
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TY for sharing!
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