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Why does my 14 yo F Tabby follow me around?

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We have noticed that within the past year or so, our 14 year old female tabby has gotten more affectionate and likes to follow me around. If I change rooms, she changes rooms. If I go upstairs or down, so does she. If I go in or out of the house, so does she. She has started sleeping in bed next to or between my legs. She is very content to be close to me. She does not exhibit this same behavior with my husband or son. She also likes to be warm and sometimes even wants me to sit with her. This is unusual behavior. She was always a "people cat" liking to be near the family, but she remained somewhat aloof. Now she licks us and allows us to be all over her. I have been home more since I was laid off in June, but I was home for a long period about two years ago and she did not do this then.

Also, another unusual behavior, a few months ago as we were going out in the car, she attacked a dog bigger than she as it and its owner were walking down the sidewalk in front of our house. I'd never seen her do that before. I chalked it up to being territorial.

What do you make of these behaviors? Is it because she is getting old? (I love smilies!)
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My senior Joji has become more attached to me too. As a matter of fact, she prefers staying in my room when I am out and likes to be at my side when I get home. She's also more territorial and gets jealous. I found some links:



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As she is a senior cat she may be trying to tell you she is uncomfortable or hurting and wants something, and that you are the person she thinks can help. How long is it since she went to the vet for a check-up?
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Yes, I did bring her to the Vet, but mostly because I heard her wheezing at times, mostly when she is at rest, but not all of the time. The Vet did notice something very minor in her breathing and asked us to count her breathing when she is at rest. There was no problem.

I gather she is clingy because she is getting old. Thanks.
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My mom's cat has been much more clingy over the past few years as well. She used to be skittish so that if you moved at all while she was on your lap, she would run off. Now, if you sit on the couch, you're stuck there for the night, because she isn't about to move.
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I think you should discuss this with your vet. There is some medical treatment for age related feline cognitive disorder, and any cat your cats age needs a geriatric work up and blood levels checked and a blood pressure check. If your vet doesn't provide these services, please take her to a feline specialist. Becky
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