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well i guess im a loser because i dont know any lines !
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"Snakes, I hate snakes" (The movie is on TV now lol... only reason I thought of this)
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Indiana Jones...i think its Last crusade.........but its indiana jones none the less
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ok heres one

"Kiss the king baby"
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come on guys ....you can do it...ill give you another hint.....this movie is the third in a trilogy...though this movie has a different title then the 2 previous
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Man! I haven't a clue!
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I was thinking Army of Darkness but I think in that movie he says "Hail to the king, baby"... eh, I tried.
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That was the only one I could think of myself, and you're right, he says hail.
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you guys r right he does say Hail...my bad pink its your turn
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Sweet! Being forced to watch that movie paid off!

Sorry it took so long to go - I had to go to bed early cuz of being at work at 4am. Grrr...

"Why do we even HAVE that lever?"

This movie has better lines, but they'll give it away!
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ACK. I know I have seen this.... Hmmmm
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Does no one know? Do I need to post the answer?
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It's the emperors new groove!!
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Woohoo! I'm glad you got it! I love this movie, I can totally quote it!

Your turn!
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my son watches it over and over and over... I can almost quote it too!!

Ok here goes... thids one might be a bit obscure, but it's repeated throughout the whole movie to just one man.

"Stop swearing!"
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Is a recently movie????
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I don't think i could tell you how recent.... oh 1999....
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Oh Emma you make me think.... ...
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I know I know this, and it's making me crazy...
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i obviously don't see enough movies....
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Ok maybe it's a bit obscure on it's own... how about adding "Please God, if you spare her life, I promise I shall never swear again!"
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Hrmn, I think it's safe to say i killed the thread here. You people are so gunna kick yourselves - mamcat, you especially. It's Joan of Arc!!

How about I'll make it easier
"I've gotten outta worse scrapes than this... can't think of any right now though"
Think Disney.
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Okay, I know I said this about the last one, but I really think I know this one.
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Wow I have no idea! ARG!
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Wahhh... I wanna play... Thing is, I cannot think of anything.. Ummm.. okay give me a sec here..

Nope, can't do it..
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Ha ha! Well at least thanks for trying!
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oh daer another one? do I have to post the answer? Or should I give you all a clue?
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