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I like the old RPG's like dragon warrior. Of course, I like most rpgs since I am a rpg addict....or is that a vidiot? (blush :-P)
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i thought i had replied to this thread. how come my post got taken off?
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:P I bought Jason Metroid Prime 2, and he was going to get me PuzzleBubble(I think it's called bust a move in english) For christmas, but now we got the kitten and he is our present.

But I looove old games.
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Originally Posted by stormy
Another former Tetris addict here!
My nephew has one of the old Ninetindo boxes that still work and has a couple of the Mario games, but not Tetris though

I really used to enjoy playing Frogger too...anyone remember that one?

I LOVED Frogger. . Was the undisputed Queen of Frogger in my neighborhood growing up back in the days of the Atari 2600. I still have that system and play it on occasion. However I also like the newer systems. I have all three and have asked for the Nintendo DS for Christmas...I'm keeping my fingers crossed but who know.s And the Sims on computer is awesome, I already have the SIMS 2 and it's great, not too fond of it on the systems though.
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Everyone was buying the Nintendo DS yesterday when I was Christmas shopping. I just don't like all the high tec stuff. Thats why I don't play x-box or ps2. The graphics are awesome but they make me so dizzy and I end up with a headache. The Gameboy advance is perfect for me

We found the old mario 2 for it on Ebay last night and we won the bid at $14. So now I have Mario 2, Mario 3, and Mario World (originally for super nintendo) and Puzzle Fighter 2- that is a very addicting game
I can't wait for Christmas. I swear a feel like a kid again (my grandma is also buying me a Cabbage Patch doll, I used to ask for them every year as a kid and she thought it would be cute to get me one since they are popular again )
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I use to be fan of Pac Man, Defender, Centipede, Frogger and Asteriods from Atari!!!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
I use to be fan of Pac Man, Defender, Centipede, Frogger and Asteriods from Atari!!!
They have these really cool new things that look just like an arcaid joystick, and all you do is connect it to the tv and you can play. They only cost about $20. I saw Frogger and another set of 5 Atari games. They also have an Atari looking system for $40 that you connect to the tv and it has 16 of the old Atari games stored inside of it. It's pretty neat how they have brought all the old stuff back
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