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My kits saw Santa today!!

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Santa is actually thier pappa Jerry. Jerry plays Santa for parties, and we were just on our way out the door and I snapped these.

Here's Pixie with Daddy....she wasn't thrilled to be in the pic!

Tiggy with pappa

Petally poo was the only one that didn't mind having her pic taken!

Poppa holding the two youngest

Tigger was wearing one of the decorations today, but just for a moment!

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LOL. That is adorable. How great that Jerry dresses for parties. That's so much fun!!! And of course Tiggy looks adorable with his decoration on.
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Oh look how cute!!! He makes a *perfect* Santa Claus!!! And I think it's so cool that you got pictures of all your kitties with him dressed as Santa. Thanks so much for sharing the adorable pictures!
As I always say, "Cats love Christmas, too"!
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Cute pics, and Jerry is a very impressive looking Santa!
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Those are just precious! I love Tiggy's expression wearing the decoration!
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Tiggy looks so cute!
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Aw how cute! I LOVE Petal's expression, it's too funny!
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Petals looks like she's going to attack a new kind of prey: the camera!
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Pixie sure looks unhappy! And Tiger's face is soooo funny!
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Petally poo is a born supermodel..... TTP is looking adorable with Daddy Santa!!
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YAY!!! what great photos how lucky of them to get to meet kitty santa

I just love Tiggy's face in that last photo - and Petals surely does look like model material - and awwww poor Trixie she certainly does not look to thrilled
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These are so cute, Susie! Come over here, Jerry, Sierra wants to see Santa!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
These are so cute, Susie! Come over here, Jerry, Sierra wants to see Santa!
yes yes my boys want to see santa too!!!! fancy a trip to Australia?????
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Oh how I wish Santa could come visit you all.........
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Oooooooo Pixie looks cross!
Great photos!
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Love the pictures! I love Santa, isn't he the greatest? As for his little elves. . . I never pictured them quite so furry.
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What Great Pictures! All 4 look so cute in them
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OMG I have to have that picture of Tiggy! I want it blown up into a poster, that is just so unbelievably adorable!
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Wow Meagan..thanks........
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What adoarable photos! That's want I need Brendan to do -- dress up like Santa!! That way Eb won't freak as much and we wouldn't have to take her out of the house. hehe...I think we are crating her and taking her to the mall today for her photo shoot with the big jolly guy.
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Aw they are so cute!
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Thanks Sam!!
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Aww beautiful pics, I love them all.
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Awwwwww doesnt Jerry look the part!

That one of Tiggy is brilliant though!

Had to laugh at Trixies face though!, she looks well miffed!!!
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Great pix!
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Thanks Fwan!
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That is hilarious!!!!!!! ROFL i love all their expressions, even mr. santa!!! Especially with him holding one cat in each arm, as if he's just delivered them through the chimney. They're so lucky to have a santa pops.
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