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While I was doing some work on my plants this am my husband called-no yelled for me. I thought one of the cats threw up or did something bad but no
he handed my a portion of the local newspaper. In there was an article about the initial court appearance for my neighbor on Dec 30th for shooting Sheba.
You can read the whole article at www.postcrescent.com for the Appleton Post Crescent under more headlines Man, 59 shoots feline etc.....
I tell you this came out of the blue!!!
I figured I should be hearing something soon but not to read it first in the newspaper. In today's mail I received a package of info from the DA's office.
So I asking if ANYONE has gone through this please pm me so I can get some guidence. I'll email the animal group in Madison for assistance also.
All I can say is WOW
This afternoon I went to Sheba's grave and talked.
I'm am worried however that the paper put in my name & address but I'll deal with that.
So it begins, wish me luck!!
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Such great news, Gail. I know how much this means to you and in the justice for your beloved girl. I have been hoping something good would come of it. Feline spirits will prevail, I just know it. Did you get any feeling after you spoke with Sheba about it? I am so happy for you. There must be a kitty god over Green Bay.
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Progress! Excellent! I have no advice for you Gail, but I'm sure pulling for you.
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I left a post at the end where it asked if you wanted to.

I hope he gets what he deserves!
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I'm rooting for you!
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I am happy that you are getting your justice, but on that site i dont see your article?
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Oh My God What The &%^$ Did He Do?
I Wouild Have Got His Own Gun And Shot Him In The Head!!!!!!!!
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When this site crashed so did all my postings on the incident. This man considered his 5 acres his little fiefdom and does what he wants to on it. Until the case is settled I don't want to say more. Living out the a semi-rural area its not like his house is 20 ft away-its probably 300-400 ft or more and there are trees blocking the view from our house.
I was surprised to read what the maximum sentence is!!
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Gail good luck, and I applaud your caution about not speaking about this further. Please fill us all in AFTER the court case is over, and hopefully the sentence rendered will be a stiff one-

I put you in SOS
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Wow. He's a sick sick man to do that to a poor cat. I hope he gets what he deserves.
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Honestly, that is just so gross -- what the heck are kitty-cats doing to his stupid property that he would need to make target practice out of them? I hope he gets the maximum sentence.
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We're rooting for you Gail.

Hope you and Sheba get some justice.
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I'm sorry I don't have any advice or anything but, like the others, I'm glad Sheba will be getting some justice!
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P.S. Gail, if they print your name and address you can get an injunction very quickly to stop it. By law they need to tell you that before printing. They cannot keep it as secret of the press, so to speak. PM me if you need help AT ALL. I will also come out there with my bows and arrows. I abhor violence, I abhor it, but I am not scared of anything. Your friend always,
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Gail thats brilliant news!.

3 1/2 years he might get!, well i hope he does and i hope it's the longest 3 1/2 years he's ever known!!.

The thing is he's admitted doing it and now everyone knows who HE is and where HE lives because his card would be marked with me after what he's done
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I second the advice about ensuring your address is kept secret. I got into the papers once concerning some women's rights work I was doing that involved a court case, and I had a load of hate mail and scary phone calls. Do anything you can to suppress personal information.
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I'm glad this is finally going to trial, Gail. This person could never receive adequate punishment for what he has done, but I hope he receives the most severe penalty possible.I, too, look forward to your update once the trial is complete.
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what wonderful news that this is going to court!! I remember when this happened to Sheba - I am so glad that you are getting a chance for justice for Sheba thats the minimum that she deserves
how wonderful that you went and spoke to her after you read this article - hopefully this news will not only comfort you but comfort her

I agree with getting your name out of the paper - and please let us know how it goes after the court case - we will all be thinking of you and hoping for a quick hearing and a long sentence
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Gail, got your PM - we are having a huge windstorm here, it's very bad. Our power is flickering and no time to respond. Winds are very high here, ~ 50 mph and we have limbs falling. I have to go - will write when we are more sane around here. HUG. BYE!!-E.
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Hoping you both get some justice. He's a sick man.
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Gail - I hadn't known about what happened to your poor baby til I spotted this thread.
I read the article you posted. First, I am so heartsick for you and your kitty - what a tragedy this is. Second, I am so glad you are going ahead and prosecuting this lowlife. 3 1/2 years is a drop in the bucket considering what he did to Sheba, and in all probability,to the other cats. Thank goodness your state has some animal cruelty laws with teeth - in other states, the case wouldn't have even gotten this far.

Best of luck to you. I'm praying this monster gets what he deserves and I hope every day of his sentence feels like an eternity.
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Well the same newspaper article was in another local newspaper plus the CBS affliate had a brief mention on the 10:00 news last night. I listened to the same channel today but no mention. No phone calls or anything in the mail. This whole thing just churns up so many memories. I would like to claim resitution for property loss but how does one put a value on a cat. She wasn't a purebreed cat. I stopped at my vet's office and I suggested a tally of the monies spent there over the years-as one couldn't go so far and calculate food, litter etc. One local animal shelter thought the same thing the other said to contact the local animal control officer. I'm not doing this for the money as that will not bring her back. So I sit and ponder-maybe I'll visit her grave-see of anything comes to back. Thanks again everyone's thoughts.
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There was a "letter to the editor" in the local paper last night about the article that ran Saturday. One of my friends thinks he is a frequent contributer and she (&me) were not to happy about the man's ranting that basically the cats were trespassing and he can't believe they would send a man to prison for that, the lawyer and judge who handle this case (and the police) got slammed for even wanting to prosecute such a case. Enough said as I have a good idea what everone will think.
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Gail, I have worked such long, long hours this week but I wanted a chance to catch up with you. I am so sorry this is conjuring up continuing sad memories, I am so sorry. I wish I was up there in Green Bay to hug you and give you some Washington State wine and cheese! We actually can compete with Wisconsin on some items, LOL. Anyhoo, what I wanted to say was that you perhaps can claim punitive damages....as opposed to compensatory damages, which probably wouldn't fly. But for your pain and suffering you should ask for the moon. We all know that there is no price on Sheba, she was a priceless darling and nobody can "pay" your heart to feel better....but ask for punitive, not compensatory damages. OH! I do wish I was there with you!!!
Hugs today again
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Gail, it's so disheartening to see yet another idiot out there who just doesn't get it.
I hope one of your friends will write a letter to the paper refuting what this guy said in his letter. Trespassing? You've gotta be kidding. Is your cat expected to read "No Trespassing" signs or know where the property line begins? How far does this monster's "property rights" go? Can he shoot out the tires on your car if by mistake you come up his driveway? What is this, the Wild West circa 1850?

Two quotes by people far more eloquent than myself:

"Although animals cannot reason nor speak the way humans do, this does not give us the right to do with them as we like. Even though our supposed possession of a soul and superior intelligence are used to create an arbitrary dividing line over rights, the fact remains that all animals have the capacity to experience pain and suffering, and in suffering they are our equals." Nathaniel Altman

"The heart of the matter is that some people like to cause injury or death to living things. And many of those who do not are indifferent to those who do."
Norman Cousins
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Wish me luck the initial court case was postpones until 1:30 pm today!!
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Gail, you can see I caught this right away when it bumped up---
I know you might feel so very drained. But when you're ready any update will be so welcomed on your case.....
Huge Hugs today. Dig in,
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Good luck today Gail!!!!!!!
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I too am curious about how this turns out. Please let us know? And please be safe! His friends may retaliate against your, your family or your felines!
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Actually there has been nothing so far-3 letters to the editor none mentioning me 2 were about cats-one failrly positive so I called that lady, but they had put a short note of postponement in the paper so it will be interesting to see what will be in the paper tomorrow-I might end up contacting the local paper depending on what today's outcome is.
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