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Fairly Bad Catfight for Sasha

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This morning was a super-sunny morning up here and Sasha got into a bad fight right after we had breakfast. We were looking out the window at the notorious pumpkin patch, as we had let Sasha out, and were watching him play. He was right around the corner of the house where the view kind of stopped and I mentioned to Eric, "oh, look, he probably has a visitor because he's just sitting looking at something. Maybe it's Snowball (girlfriend)." and I went upstiars. Eric came up 10 minutes later and said Sasha was provoked by a big intruder kitty, a huge gray one, and that he had taken the slingshot and scared him off (did not hit him directly) and Sasha was bleeding. It looks like Sasha got a good upper-paw-cut to his right ear, which has a nice little wound, does not look too deep, and he's limping on his left side, shoulder, no broken skin on his paws or arms. This was probably a very intense interaction, as he never has gotten hurt before the once or twice in his entire life he's fought another cat! Everything else seems fine. He hid under the Christmas tree for about an hour and now he's resting on his favorite heater vent. Freddie's mama from across the street came by to find him and he didn't want to go out. I'm sure he's going to be fine, but this is the first fight since the mauling 6 months ago and he's very quiet. Eric and I have to go to a party tonight and I'm debating whether to even leave him or not. I think I will be staying home. I can't bear to leave him. Sashie is a very sweet, patient boy and he must've been really provoked. He never has instigated any fight I've ever seen. My one concern right now is any PTSD issues from the coyote that this might bring up again......
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You might want to think about just letting sasha be an inside cat now. You can always buy those really cool outside perches that fit over a window and let the cat get the air, but not directly outside. I know Tazzy has no desire to go outside anymore, she does sit in the new addition, but she won't go out and wander any longer.
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We've talked about that alot! Sasha is just so happy outside. He goes a little nuts if he doesn't get out. When I come home he gets about 2 hrs and that seems to be ok, that's down from about 16 hrs per day before the mauling. He doesn't particularly like winter so lately it's not been a problem as he's most happy to sleep under the tree all day inside. But it has crossed our minds more than once that his reaction and cognitive processing of any animal even the least threatening or posturing might be a whole different story now. This is the first such encounter in six months....and there have been lots of kitties on the property all Summer and Fall. I feel guilty but then I don't, as it was such a sunny, warm morning and he's indeed had "outside time" for months now. Without any incident. This might just be the sign that it's time, MA. He did not want to eat his breakfast after that, either. We're watching him closely.

p.s. How much outside time did Taz have before the accident, MA? How old is she again? How did she react with other outdoor kitties before?
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oh Elizabeth I am so sorry to hear this recent news. But your right - he has had 6 months without incident and thats great
maybe MA is right - maybe he should become an indoor cat - but I like you understand how they love it outside - my boys are the same

I have no advise I can give you - but please keep us updated on how Sasha is the next few days - I hope this doesnt bring back any memories from the attack

my thoughts are with you all at this time
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oh thank you so much Danielle! I've been baking all afternoon and as it starts to get dark about 3:30-4 here hopefully, his appetite will return by soon because the kitchen is full of good smells. He always eats at ~ 7 or so. Thank you for your good Board Vibes! He'll need them. He doesn't reveal much at all.
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Hi Elizabeth-
I'm so sorry that Sasha got hurt again.

Hissy had some good ideas about helping him adjust to indoor life. Another option you could consider is building an outdoor enclosure for him. It could be a good compromise - though more limited, he still gets to enjoy the outdoors, and you get peace of mind knowing he's safe.

Take a look at the following website. I ordered the plans and will probably be building one in the spring. You can customize your enclosure and put lots of perches in it, tree limbs for climbing, etc.

I hope this latest episode won't set Sasha back and he'll be alright.
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Originally posted by KTLynn
Another option you could consider is building an outdoor enclosure for him. It could be a good compromise - though more limited, he still gets to enjoy the outdoors, and you get peace of mind knowing he's safe.
I think this is an excellent idea, and I was just about to suggest it myself.

P.S. Sorry to hear about the cat fight!
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Tazzy was outside at least most of the day and some of the night. She liked to sleep in the grain barn and hunt the mice that come out at night. Now she quite simply will stay on the porch and not even venture out in the yard. She is telling us that her outdoor days are over. She is 5 years old.

We just started her on something pharmaceutical to calm her down. Her aggression was peaking in the last couple of days. She tore into Bailey pretty bad while he was sleeping. We have her on amnitryptilene now, and all she has done since we first dosed her is sleep. She is on 10 mg. I am going to cut the pills into fourths and give her 1/4 a day to just take her down a notch. The vet thinks she is feeling threatened by so many cats now and suggests I rehome her! I really don't want to do that, because she has been here all her life and gotten along with all the cats, even the transiet ones until now.
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I am so sorry Elizabeth...poor Sasha I hate hearing of anything else happening to him.

I very much like the idea of your buidling an enclosure for him, I think it would give him the continued enjoyment of the outdoors but with some added protection.

skritches to him,
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I'm sorry to hear about Sash. I don't have anything to add but a hug because you and Sash are shook up. I don't think this will help because many people feel strongly both ways, but I've always kept my kitties inside and they really are quite happy. I hope things get better soon.
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I am so sorry to hear about Sasha. I'm thinking about the two of you. I can see the struggle you are going through with the indoor vs. outdoor issue. Hopefully you'll be able to find a happy medium. Please keep us posted on how he is doing.
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aaaaawwwww, Poor lilmancat. I hope he snaps out of it, maybe he'll decide for himself reallly soon that he doesn't want outside anymore. I understand having a cat that DEMANDS to be outside. Mystyc was picking on the other cats, and me. lol
Positivity and strength on the way to your littlemancat.
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Poor Sasha. I hope he's feeling better soon.

We finally had to start keeping our big gentle boy Oreo in for good this fall. After we spent a not-so-small fortune this summer fixing him up from two episodes of bladder stones (which I suspect he got from eating some other cat's food), he got 3 abscesses, a mystery slash in his side, and a torn ear in a little over a month. So now he's an indoor-only cat. It's taken a few months, but he's starting to adjust.

I don't know if you want to try to keep Sasha in, but if you do, this link
has lots of ideas for keeping indoor cats entertained.

(((get better soon, Sasha)))
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Oh, poor Sasha, this must have been terrifying for you, sweet little boy. How dare anyone come onto your territory and provoke you. You are such a strong, brave boy, I know you will get through this trauma with the support of your loving Mama! Please eat for your Mama and tell her how you're feeling. I'm sorry, Elizabeth, that Sasha has been faced with this scare that has surely brought back his horrible memories of his attack. Please give him extra love and snuggles from us!
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Poor Sasha I'm sorry to hear of his fight and I hope he's feeling better real soon. I'm sure he will be, he sounds like one big strong boy! I sure wish there was a way that he would be happier staying inside permanetly with you.
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Elizabeth and Sasha to you both. Poor guy has been through the ringer hasn't he? Hope all goes well for him and Mom too.
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Awwww poor Sasha being picked on like that! I hope Sasha decides that she wants to stay in, even to give you peace of mind Elizabeth
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Oh poor Sasha! I hope he decides that he can be happy safe inside with his mommy... and that he doesn't get picked on anymore, poor little guy!
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He's doing great. He heals incredibly fast! He had plenty of time to sleep all weekend, he slept right through most of our horrible windstorm. We put neo-sporin on the ear cut and found two puncture wounds on his tummy and ribcage area. He's already wanting to go out again <groan>. Now that our power is back on, I can really look at some outside fencing options for him. Thank you ALL for such fabulous links and tips - really, really appreciated.
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Glad to hear Sasha is on the mend.
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I'm very glad to hear he's mending quickly! Skritches to the incredible Sasha
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Aww Elizabeth - I just caught up with this - Poor poor Sasha

I'm glad to see he's doing better now. Sending lots of hugs and good wishes to help him get better more quickly
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