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Our 6 month kitty, Misty, who was apparently abandoned and has been with us for about 3 weeks now, has a problem. She growls a lot with the other cats in the house and with us. It doesn't look like she is trying to pick a fight. It appears as though she is trying to make friends with the other cats because she will approach them and touch noses and reach her paw out with claws retracted but she also growls at them in the process. She will engage in a game of chase up and down the hall with one of our cats and tries to get the others to play too. I was wondering if it could be that she doesn't know how to relate with others, including us. She can be as sweet as can be for a few minutes then her attitude does a complete turn around and she grumbles and growls. If anyone has any thoughts on this situation I would love to hear them.
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Have you noticed at all if she is non hearing. A lot of deaf cats will do this.
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Sandie...She seems to hear every little noise around here so I don't think that is her problem. Good thought though.
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She may be just a little scared and feeling insecure.
I would not worry about it too much, she should settle soon.
my advice lots of hugs and love , even if she does make a fuss and pretend to not like the attention.

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it could be if she had previously been abandoned, then she is afraid of getting to attached. She probably is reaching out wanting to attach, yet afraid of being abandoned again. If she had been alone at such an impressionalbe age it will take a while to get over it. Give her lots of attention, but make sure the other cats get the same or they will be jealous and take it out on her. Good luck
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