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angry kitty?

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Hi, I just got two kittens about 4 weeks ago, and they are 1 week apart. (Not related). They are currently 13 and 14 weeks old. We got one of them from a shelter, and the other from a farm. The one from the farm (Jade) was really sick when we got her (bronchitis, roundworms, and eye infections) so, needless to say she has been one sick girl and is quite tiny. She also has one deformed paw, which has only 3 toes and she has no feeling in the tips. We had to isolate her from the other cat for 3 weeks until the deworming had done its job. So, when they were finally together again, they seemed to have missed one another, but just last night the small one (Jade) started acting really odd and all of a sudden started to growl and prick her fur all up. The other cat reacted and pricked up her fur, but was obviously scared. The odd thing is that Jade is the most dosile kitten I have ever seen. She will hardly even meow. The same thing also happened twice this morning, where out of nowhere Jade just 'loses it'. It's almost as if she is in a trance or somnething, because she is non responcive to any movement or noise when this happens. And after, she is all sweet and exausted, and just purrs in your arms. Could this have something to do with her deformity? (could she have some mental deformity as well?)
The other cat is obviously uncomfortable with Jade since this, even though she is almost twice the size. Help! If anyone knows what this might be, or how I can help fix it, PLEASE email me! dragon__magic@hotmail.com
ps. They are indoor cats.
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Poor little Jade. I read your post and was wondering when the last time her ears and eyes were checked. She maybe deaf and or even blind or because of the infetion her vision could be blurry. This could explain why she would seem like she were in a trance and nonresponsive to movement and noice. The other cat coming up to her could frighten her if she couldn't see well.
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Yeah, I would definitely have her checked by the vet. When they don't feel well, cats will often become aggressive. Bookitty brought up a possible explanation that you must also have the vet check for.

I hope you get things sorted out soon. Do let us know how she's doing.
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Thanks to everyone who responded about Jadie-baby. I will keep you posted on how she's doing, although I'm fairly confedient that she is not blind or deaf b/c she interacts with people often and doesn't walk into things or anything like that. Thanks you all for your responces, they are greatly appreciated.

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