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Sky's respiratory infection and tail biting

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Hey Everyone.. I was wondering if anyone could help me. It seems that Skylar has an issue with biting, very near, the tip of his tail There is some small amount of fur missing in that area. He was doing that when I brought him home, but I wasn't as worried as I am now. He has a vet appt. on Wednesday for his 2nd set of shots, so I know I could ask her, but I was hoping to get some information here as well.

If anyone could tell me anything, it would be so helpful.. I am worried
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it could be fleas Lauren - I know if they have fleas they really 'over groom' areas - Tipsy has done that before.

has he had any flea treatment? or is he too young?

poor skylar I hope it all gets treated and solved quickly
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That was my first thought, too, Lauren. Poor, sweet Baby Skylar!
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Thanks girls ..

I made an appointment for Skylar on Tuesday. They said he may need to be de-wormed again. He also has a minor upper repiratory infection, so the adoption place told me to bring him to their vet on Tuesday to get his antibiotics and to check out the tail. Of course I am an absolute nervous wreck. I watch his every move. He's still rowdy as ever and he eats fine, so I am just waiting to hear what the vet has to say. Still, however, I am so anxious..
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When I called the shelter this morning, they were very apologetic. They said that it is common for some kittens to get colds from being with all the other kitties in the shelter. He was in the run with his brother, who is perfectly fine, so I know it's nothing that is contagious.. But, poor thing..
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Aaawww, poor baby!Feel better very soon, baby Skylar!
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I am trying to change Sky's vet appointment for today. I thought I wouldn't be able to make it in today, so I had originally scheduled for tomorrow. I just have to wait for C.A.R.E. to call me back & confirm today. If they don't, I am just going to bring Sky into my regular vet. I would rather CARE (the adoption place) call me, because they would pay for the visit and the medications, but either way, he's going today.
Sky seems completely fine today. No sneezing, but I am concerned that he does need to be dewormed again. He is itchy ,but I don't think it's fleas because I did the flea test and nothing showed. Plus, Ani doesn't scratch at all, so I am assuming that fleas are not the problem. But, either way, the tests will be done today.
I am so upset about all this. I am on edge for this woman to call me back, and it's only 8:30. It's possible she won't even be in today If not, I will pay for the visit to his vet. This is all just making me nuts. Poo-poo on this icky problem
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Oh I'm sorry this is so happening - but I'm glad Skylar is going to see the vet and I hope whatever is going on is easy to take care of!
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Awwwwwww Lauren the poor baby! Let us know what happens
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Hey Everyone ..

Well, we just got home. The vet called early, so I brought him in immediately. Turns out, Skylar does have an upper respiratory infection She gave me the antibiotics, so hopefully he'll be fine in a day or 2. He was tested negative for worms ..but she gave me some skin stuff to help get rid of his itchiness. She said the tail looks like there was some play-fighting in the shelter, which is exactly what I had thought. His tail was a little messed up when I first took him from the shelter, and that is originally what I figured. So, she checked his tail and there are no infections, so she put some medicine on it and bandaged it up.
I am a little calmer now, but I just want this respiratory infection to go away. As for Ani , they will be seperated for a couple of days. So far, she seems completely fine, and I would like to keep it that way ..

Thanks so much for your concern.. We love all of you and I will keep you up on how he's doing...
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Aw poor little guy. Well, I'm glad you got to find out what was going on, and that he's getting antibiotics and will be all better in no time!
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Oh, Lauren, I know you're just so worried about your little baby.Skylar is going to be well in no time with his Mommy taking such wonderful care of him!You know there is noone in the world who could possible give him more diligent, loving care than you are providing! You are Skylar's hero, you are his Mommy You are so smart to keep Ani separated from her little brother for a couple of days just to be on the safe side! Please give both of your babies some special snuggles from us, plus a little for their Mommy, too!
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You girls are so awesome. Thank you so much. It helps to come here and read your words of support and love
So far, Sky has had 4 doses of his antibiotics. He's playing incessantly again It makes me so happy to see him active and happy. I looked at his eye as soon as I woke up today and it already is clearing up. I also have not heard him sneeze His little tail needs to stay bandaged until I bring him back to the vet next Monday. I think he is a bit upset about the bandage deal. I feel so bad for him, but it has to be done. I know I mentioned it before, but I am almost positive that I will be switching to this new vet. I just have a better feeling about her than my other one. My last vet just seemed a little too relaxed for my taste. This one is more serious and does the entire check, rather than just most. Ugh.. I think I am still half asleep because that made no sense .

Yesterday really was awful. It turned out, that after I rushed Skylar to and from the vet in a total panic.. a few hours later there was a huge pouring leak into my living room. We just put in a new shower and something went wrong. I had to call the shower guys and deal with that for about 3 hours. That was after I wrote here. It was exhausting. I am just so glad it's a new day Let today be peaceful... PLEASE..

ETA: Moving this thread to health and changing title because of condition..
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Awww Lauren i'm so pleased to hear Skylar is much better! And even more so that you have found a vet who gives a thorough examination of him

You'll have to play with him more to keep his mind from his bandaged tail!

Oh no and you had a leak on top of that!
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Oh, what a rough day you had, Lauren! Not only were you so worried about your baby, but to have a huge pouring leak into living room!I know you're so glad that's over and you can begin a brand new day!
I'm so happy to hear Skylar is responding so well to his medication and is feeling so much better!It must thrill you to see him playing and acting more like himself again! Poor baby having to wear a bandage on his little tail. It's bothering you so much to have to keep Ani separated from her little brother, but he will be completely well in no time, and with all the extra love you're giving Ani, she's perfectly happy!
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