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Wrapping presents!!

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Okay, after reading someones threat about wrapping christmas presents i didnt quite think it was true having such a "hard" time wrapping them.
As soon as i took the wrapping paper out of the waldrobe the cat woke up and jumped right next to me to explore new wonders...
Now i have an SS on this site and she knows who she is!! but dont tell untill you get the pressies!!

When i got the lovely wrapping paper out, it had been chewed on. Then the main room light went out! so i have to use the lamp, aquarium lamp and window lights to make as much light to see what the heck im doing!
When i wrapped kittys Favourite thing, He was not pleased when he got the point it wasnt for him There are lots of things wrapped by the way!

Now i have to wrap everyone elses present and i dont know how im going to do that!!
I am so glad that i finished my shopping today.
BUt my friend here in frankfurt is cut at me coz i didnt want to go to her place.
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Happy to hear you finished your shopping!
Now, Teufel, let mommy finish wrapping her presents!
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Yip I shut the cats out of the room!
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Are you talking about this thread? If you are, I'm afraid I have to respectfully disagree, I thought that thread was pretty realistic. LOL!!!! Here's a copy of what I posted on THAT thread about wrapping presents with Snowball's help!!!

I'm wrapping presents right now, Snowball tried to help but he almost drove me nuts instead! LOL!!!! First, he immediately discovered which bag contained his gifts, and started trying to tear the bag open. I finally got the bag away from him and put it back in the closet. Next, I spread out some wrapping paper so I could wrap a shirt for my son. Snowball thought I spread the paper out just so he could keep pacing back and forth on it. So 1 picked him up and put him on the floor and placed my son's shirt on top of the paper. Then I had to go and find the scotch tape, when I came back, Snowball was laying on top of my son's shirt which happens to be a very dark color. That's when I put Snowball in the next room, and that's where he still is. It's very quiet in that room, I hope everything's ok! LOL!!!!!
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Here's a pic of not a present, but it's tag. I guess George wanted to tell his Grandma "Merry Christmas", too

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Originally Posted by captiva
Here's a pic of not a present, but it's tag. I guess George wanted to tell his Grandma "Merry Christmas", too


Ebony hasn't taking an interest in gifts or wrapping paper yet...*knocking on wodd* Here's to hoping she doesn't discover it either!
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ROTFL Chris!!!
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Yes that was the thread i think? hehe

Well immagine those teeth marks on wrapping paper
*hopes they dont notice*
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