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plodding on...

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Well, I have now completed 2 and a half days (63 hours and 45 mins) off the pain killers and I have gone through hell and back. I never thought coming off a drug would be as hard as it is. Its the worst thing I have ever done and I cant believe the pain one goes through. I have even spoken again to the emergency doc about the pain and its all perfectly normal. The advice to me is dont take anything with codeine in as its addictive. I have had every muscle hurt, arms , legs, face, fingers, you name it. Been sick as a parrot, hot and cold sweats and then the head pain, wow, Like a 50 gun salute going off all day and you cant take a single thing for it. Carol has found me laid in a hot bath at 2 and 4am the last couple of nights in the dark trying to get some relief. I went to the store at 7am this morning and was walking like I needed a zimmer frame. I am dying for Thursday to come for the new tablets, you will never know how much. I have even wept with the pain and i dont cry for anything.

I have to attend a meeting at work with my boss and the sickness manager on this coming Friday. Its supposed to be a meeting to see how I am doing and if there is anything the company can do. Through all the pain, I am sat worrying sick about it and thats not helping at all. I know what my manager is like and I am terrified about it. Even though I know whats supposed to happen, my mind cannot convince me. Need help to stop worrying and start living - anyone know anything on the www?

The best bit of advice I have heard is from the specialist at the hospital who told me I need to get away from where I am working. The stress is not helping me at all - am just praying for the other job, really am.

Anyway, am still plodding on, albeit just and very slowly. Keep checking in a few times a day when I can stand the light.......

take care guys...

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Just wanted to say that I'm still praying for you... hope that it gets easier for you and you're not in so much pain... and that the meeting goes well! Try not to stress and work on relaxing... I know easier said than done, but still...
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Aww im so sorry for you.
Have you tried either drinking chinese tea? or just fruity or herbal tea, they might relax you a little bit when you are laying down reading a book or having a bath.
I find it very soothing if you put peppermint tea bags in the bath... Its very relaxing and it really helps the muscles. Its not gross really. Just make sure the tea has sipped out of the bags and remove the bags before going in.
Sorry i cant help any further But i hope you get better with your medication
all the best
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Originally Posted by fwan
I find it very soothing if you put peppermint tea bags in the bath... Its very relaxing and it really helps the muscles. Its not gross really. Just make sure the tea has sipped out of the bags and remove the bags before going in.
Sorry i cant help any further But i hope you get better with your medication
all the best
I love the smell of peppermint - may stagger to the healthfood shop tomorrow - albeit very slowly, but that appeals - thanks for the heads up.

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Hang in there, Kev - you've already got part of it behind you, i.e., an end is in sight! Are you allowed to have anything with caffeine? There's a rather disgusting "home remedy" for headaches/muscular pain that really works, if you can stomach it: a cup of strong black coffee with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. It tastes and smells revolting.
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Well, you got my PM about with a list of things for you to try and I'm not sure I've anything esle I can offer - but you know where I am, so just you keep on talking at me boyo and I'll see you get to Thursday in one piece. Day or night Kev, I don't care, if you need to wake me up, go for it, I'll answer. Take care Kev and I'll PM again in the morning to see how you're feeling.
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Well I don't know if you have gone through the worst or if the worst is yet to come. Just remember that the end should be in sight soon. Just relax to some soothing music, take it easy. Your wife sounds like a wonderful person.
Take care-think of you.
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Hang in there Kev. We're all cheering you on. . Hugs to your wife too - it must be comforting to have someone so supportive alongside you.

Keep plodding on.
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Wow. I can't imagine what you are going through. I'm thinking about you and hoping Thursday comes soon! Plus, I'll give a thought for the new job as well!
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Lotsa hugs Kev!

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I always find petting my furbaby helpful when not feeling good. Otherwise, just hang in there. We're pulling for you!
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Hang in there're doing great even though it probably doesn't seem like it right now. I suffer from terrible headaches sometimes and one thing I do that really seems to help is to put an icepack on my forehead and even tie it on with a bandana or something. (the pressure seems to help as well) Then lay down on my back with a pillow over my head in a dark room and just try to think of better things.....and relax. I usually can get very comfortable and sometimes even fall asleep like that.

I'm praying for you.

Take care of yourself.
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Kev, try to look beyond the pain to the new treatment! I hope that the next few days get better for you.
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Take care KEV
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Take care KEV
Hi guys - am a little easier today - little light headed but am actually feeling easier up in the noggin. Still pain there and was up in the night again walking round the house in the early hours wondering if it will quit. Have been in touch with The Migraine Trust who I have chatted with for a while and are sending me some fact sheets on what I have. Have also talked at length about the drugs and they were great as it was someone who understood the condition and has been there. Am gonna join the trus as would not like anyone else to go through this. Still just sat all day - although today I have been readying for the interview tomorrow and am mentally ready for that. keep fingers crossed....... So thats it for me, am gonna go back and sit for a while longer, put heat pad on head and close eyes for a bit.
Hope you all are okay and thanks for the support
Kev - starting to feel 10 per cent better and I never thought that would be possible.......
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Progress is progress we're pulling for you, Kev
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Hang in there Kev. Soon this will all be just a bad dream. I'm thinking of you.
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Oh great news Kev Sounds like you've turned the corner. The migraine trust sounds like a great idea - you may be able to help others who feel desparate and find it difficult to imagine if could ever be any better.

Keep plodding on - you're making great progress
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Hey Kev, I'm sorry my phone line doesn't seem to want to connect - I tried to call you too, but it seems there must be a line down somewhere, because I can't get through to your end either. I've been having connection troubles too, so I'm just assuming that that's the problem. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, like Fran said, progress is progress. All the while you're starting to feel better, you'll be starting to think more positively and that'll have a positive impact on your recovery too. Great news! Goodo on the Migraine Trust - I don't know why I havne't suggested it to you - but until you mentioned it tonight I'd forgotten it existed, if I'm honest. They pulled a friend of mine through and gave her info on what could trigger a migraine and how to avoid it. Since she got all that info through form them, she has only had one migraine (in six months) compared to her usual three per week. That's pretty amazing really. I really hope they can give you something useful too - it's always good to have someone to talk to when they're in the same position as you'rein, or at least they've already been there and they can tell you what it's like to get to the other end of it. Hopefully you'll be able to get through to this end at some point, or I'll be able to get you - once this force 10 gale dies down a bit up here

Night night - hopefully you'll sleep a bit this time - and all the very best for tomorrow. Don't let that evil witch get you down
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4.36am, jumped on line as have been up over an hour with blasted head hurting, feel as though took two steps forward and three back.....been for a toddle round the estate, its very quiet and cold and even a couple of cats were giving me funny looks!
Oh well, c'est la vie huh?
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Kev, I just found this thread.

Several things that I do when my body protests my actions...and I get cramps (leg, back, and neck) on a regular basis, too.

Drink a ton of water. W A T E R. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink so much that you have to use the potty every hour, and until your urine is clear and with no scent. And then? Drink more water. Room temp is best - it absorbs faster into your system.

Vitamin B - the whole complex one. B12, B6, B1, all the B's. They tend to help balance your system (especially if you smoke, like I do), and will help with the stress management. Follow the directions very carefully - this is one vitamin where more is not better...follow the directions on the bottle, and you should be fine.

Bananas. O.K., so that sounds silly, but bananas have something in them which assists the muscles once they've cramped to release. It doesn't actually prevent cramps, just makes them less severe and shorter. Have two bananas a day, and along with the water and the B vits, and you've done what you can to assist yourself from the inside.

And also, spinach and other iron supplements are vital to your blood's oxygen capacity. If your blood has a low capacity for oxygen, you will cramp. It takes some time to build iron back up, but maybe consider some iron supplements and/or spinach (a baby spinach salad with bleu or feta cheese, sweet onion, and cranberries is delightful, and will support your body very well.).

And when all else fails, remember that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. You'll make it through this, and while it may seem like the tunnel stretches out forever in front of you, it's not...and the end is closer than you think.

Hang in there!

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Keep on trooping Kev!
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went to the interview - can you believe that I had to pull over on the way there as my head hurt that much- I had left plenty of time though thankfully. Am home but feel worse today - am gonna speak to the doc this pm to see if there is anything they can do to help me. The interview was ok - lasted about an hour and 20 mins and I gave it all through the pain and bit of wierd vision. I left there totally and I mean totally exhausted. I really want that job, however, my face looks as though its etched with aching and I think it may have shown.
My boss rang me this am. Wanted to confirm Friday meeting. Also wants me to see an occupational health person we have in the building. Never had anything to do with one - anyone know what one is? Anyway, when had put the phone down, the pain got worse and I ended up on the hard shoulder head in hands almost screaming at the traffic. Boss has got me more worried than I care to imagine and its aggravating the problem even more. Feel like I took a step forwards and now three back.
My boss will want me to commit to a date to get back in the office - I am off until the wed after xmas. I cant give a firm date at all as we have to wait and see what the new drugs will do and how I will react. She will want me back in before the sick note runs out which I understand that if I do, then was ill, the company would be in total..... right?
How do I tell her that I cant commit to a date yet until the pain is gone, given that you know how she can be with me? I dont want her getting me round her finger and then getting worser than I am already?
Am now off to bed, its 13.57 - been up since around 03.00 and I am exhausted with pain.
Love to you all and thanks for being there. I need you lot more than you can imagine
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Kev you're such a trooper. I really hope this interview results in something good for you.

As for your boss, I would just tell her honestly that your condition is such that you cannot commit to a date. I know that's easier said than done. Would your doctor be willing to call her and speak to her I wonder? Perhaps that could save you some aggravation.

Hang in there.
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Kev, sorry that you don't feel so good today. About your boss - as far as I understand you're right - if your doctor has signed you off sick, you should not be at work. I believe the company are not covered if you go to work.

Does your company have a personnel/human resources department/officer. They are usually more realistic than line managers as they tend to be clued up on employment law. If you have one of these, you might try phoning those - half the time they're horrified at what supervisors/line managers get up to.
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