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That I havent posted for a while. My shoulder pain got a lot worse, to the point that I couldnt bear to be hugged so finally I gave up and went to the doctor - I have torn a muscle and have an acutely strained rotator cuff so I was put on muscle relaxants, anti inflammatories and painkillers - that left me feeling verrrryyyyy relaxed indeed And I am limited in what I can do, so I will be back with full force in hopefully a short time.

A lot is going on in my life at the moment, making plans for my return home, finishing a class and keeping that shoulder out of harms way.

Hope youse are all okay!

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aww your poor shoulder! how did you tear it??
I really hate it when i make the muscle twist in my legs. it can hurt for hours!
Cant wait to see you back on when you get better
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Kellye, I'm sorry to hear that - I was wondering why you've made yourself a bit scarce this week.
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Kellye, I was wondering what happened to sorry to hear about the recurring shoulder pain. I know you type a lot, has it affected it an enormous amount or just for full arm activities? Were you playing hockey down there or what! Where is home and when are you going - is it in NZ??
Sending good vibes your way, girl. Miss ya much!
(((BIG FAT pain-free HUG)))
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Kellye, sorry your shoulder is giving you static. Hope it's back to normal soooooooooon.
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Yikes, sorry to hear it. I see that quite a bit down at the gym. I hope it gets better soon, but from my experiences shoulders take a while. Glad to have you back

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Kellye, praying you get better soon!
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Having torn mine in the past and having had surgery, I wish you the best in recovery. I hope it doesn't come to surgery for you as well, but it is amazing how much you can overuse your shoulder, even when it hurts~
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Oh Kellye! Sorry to hear the reason why you haven't been posting lately. I sure hope your shoulder feels better soon.
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Awe Kellye!
Glad your back... and i hope that your shoulder gets better!
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to you Kellye - sure hope that shoulder gets better really quickly - glad you went to the doctor!!! good luck with finishing that class - looking forward to seeing you back here
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Kellye i'm pleased you went to the doctor because that was a few weeks ago when you posted about it.
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Glad to see you, Kellye, you certainly have been missed! It's great that you finally went to the Dr. and now have something to help you with this pain that must be so intense. Please take special care of yourself, you have so much going on right now! Sure hope you are able to be here more often very soon!
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Kellye Glad to hear from you. Take care of that shoulder and just kick back, relax and get well soon!
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Kellye mate, no need to apologise. Take it easy and look after yourself. Sending lots of healing vibes from Down Under.
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Just make everyone else do things for you - then your shoulder can heal. Hope you feel better soon!
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So glad to see you post Kellye! Remember, nothing good and nothing bad lasts your shoulder hopefully will be good as new soon!
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Thanks for the well wishes. I have finished the medicine but it still hurts. I was told that it will take about 6 weeks to heal. Eeeeek!

yep, I let people do things for me Ady But that got one person mad at me - last friday I went to a tea party and stayed in one spot all afternoon and someone accused me of giving them the cold shoulder. Oh well, not that I care because they weren't really my friend anyway - long story. I guess you learn who your friends are when these situations come up. At least my other friends understood why I stayed in one spot - I don't take to medicine very well and it makes me feeling very high.

Jake is the master of nagging - wow, you would have thought he was the woman in this household!
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Kellye, Sorry to hear that... My best wishes to you and a Big hug
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Thanks Rigel!
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I hope you're feeling better soon.
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