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Let's Wish ...

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Rene, her husband Clint, Sandy, Ken and their daughter Kylee and the 14 or 16 cats (not sure of the last county) a safe trip. They are leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) to drive down to Tampa, Florida for a cat show. I will be seeing them on Thursday and I just would like everyone here to wish them a safe and uneventful drive. See you guys soon.

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Woww, why are they taking that many cats to the cat show; are they all going to be in the show ??

I wish they go & come back safely & win lots of ribbons
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Yes, and three of those cats belong to my mom who is flying down but since some of the airlines are not sure of bringing cats on board (it's a day to day thing, one day yes, one day no) we are not taking any changes. Since I live on the other coast (at least for now), I won't be able to bring my baby so he unfortunately will loose year end points. Also, 2 of those cats belong to Sandy and Ken.

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I hope I can see a cat show someday

Sorry, I don't know much about cat shows; what are year end points ?

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We are actually not leaving until Wed 4am. Which we have decided is more like Tues, because we cant remember having to get up and out the door this early in a long time. Rene is taking and showing more cats(she has a mini van). We are only taking 2 because the Saturn is going to be crowded enough with the luggage, 2 cats, 7 year old and us. I am sure it will be an adventure. We will follow clint and Rene and keep in touch with cell phones and 2 way radios. Gee, it only takes about 22 hours to get there..LOL. We will drive for 12 tomorrow and then stop in South Carolina, then it is a little over 9 to Tampa Fl from there. I know I will be going to bed about the same time as my 7 year old tonight, so that when the alarm goes off at 130 in the morning, I will be able to get up!!
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Have a wonderful trip, and stay safe!!!
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Year end points is the accumulation of poits that a cat earns throughout the year...

For instance, in each ring that cat/kitten competes in there are ribbons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. etc...There could be as many as 10 ribbons given AND counted (sometimes there are ribbons given but only the top3 would count for points) anyway, depending on if it is an allbreed ring (Your cat would compete against all shorthair AND longhair cat in its class (alter or whole)) or a specialty ring ( compete against only shorthair OR longhair in it's class) each ribbons earns a certain number of points, sa umm 100 points for a 1st place in an allbreed ring . Then there are what is called lower awards, those awards are.. if you have 3 grand champions in an allbreed ring, your cat is among them... if your cat gets the "best grand champion AND 1st, then you would have 105 points for that ring. Anyway, all these points are added up and that is what we use to get the best cat(whole)/alter(fixed)/kitten/or household pet of the year. There are, in our association (AACE), regional, and national awards.
I know it SOUNDS a bit confusing but it really isn't...

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Have a safe trip eveyone and win all possible awards!
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Have a safe trip! I can relate with those long car trips. Two years ago, my mom, dad, and I took my 3 year old and 8 month old to MN from Texas in Dad's car. It took 22 hours and we didn't stop for the night. Very tiring and cramped. But amazingly, the kids did great. Hope your cats do too!
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Have a safe trip and good luck at the cat show!!
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Have a good journey and good luck at the show!
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Rene, Clint, Sandie, Ken and Kylee and Frannie,

I just want you to know I'll miss all of you and wish I was going if not to compete, but to root for you. Have a safe trip. I'll be thinking about you. Tell Rob that MooShoo sends his regards and regrets he can't be there. Please call me when you return with the good news that you've wiped the floor with the competition!!

Love you!

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Have a safe trip! Buckle-up! Drive Safe! If one of you gets sleepy, pull over or switch drivers. Have a good time & lots of ribbons!
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I wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes on the trip. I hope everyone has a great week!! I am sure I will have at least one or two pictures to share next week.
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Although Sandie and the gang have left, I will guarantee that there will be pics on the forums next week. Remember, I'll be at the same show. I'm leaving on Thursday.

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