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Kitty feet, Kitty feet

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I LOVE kitty feet!!
Got any cute paw pics of your kitties? I love how Safari curls his back paws up when he's sleeping on his side. I'm surprised kitty toes can curl that much! Took this one this morning:

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Zoey feet

Saki feet

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Here's one of Chuckie feet showing his extra toes...he even has a tiny extra toe on each of his back feet

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Aww Stormy! You have to post that one in this thread
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Thanks Sicycat, I missed that thread!

I love that pic of Zoey that looks up on him!
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Very cute extra-toed kitty feet!! Zoey's feet are SO cool!!!
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Yay for mittens!
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Aww I love zoey little mittens!
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aww I love zoeys thumb!!
i love to play wiht my kitties feet nd look at them. I sometimes smell them and its like they smell kitty wash your self
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Thank you Zoey is a very special girl.
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Molly's feet(she likes to be covered up by towels)

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awwwwwwwwwww howwwwwwwwwwwwwww cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Aw cute kitty paws! I'll have to go through my pics and see what I can find!
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I love kitty feet

I like the different-colored pads on feet, like Molly's

Here's Oreo - his are like that too:
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Some people might think its gross but I just love to kiss my cats paw pads! (only not when they just get out of the litterbox )
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Well, if anybody's feet are kissable, Zoey's are.
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I kiss my baby girl all over! Her sweet little hands are just irresistable!
I think this is so sweet of her little feet!

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great photos everyone!!! I just LOVE kitty feet - I am going to take some close ups of my 2 boys feet tomorrow
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Another cat foot lover here!
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Kitty Feet

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how about kitty foot? I like how her paw looks GIANT in this picture and the little stray hairs on her feet because her hair is still growing in from her time at the shelter

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SharonKay, that is a VERY cute, fuzzy kitty foot!!
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I love Adelaide pic.
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Pitufo feets



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What a sweet way to sleep!

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I'd love to have Sierra with me now!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

It's 16 degrees here this morning with snow and wind of about 22 mph. That makes our wind chill about -2F. Sierra, I need a warm kitty to snuggle with!
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Sierra said she'd just love to come right over and snuggle up with you to keep you warm, Chris!
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Oh I love Sierras tootsies!
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