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How Sweet. Love the pics especailly the first one where he looks like he's smiling. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.

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Yumosh & Minnosh are girls and Mavish is a boy

Yumosh is a very beautiful girl actually, but she isn't very photogenic, I don't know why It's really hard to take a good picture of her
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Oh, Dodo, your kitties are so cute looking!!

The picture of Mavis chewing on the straw reminds me so much of what our 3 bengals do! They steal our straws from our lids all the time if you are not watching! :tounge2:
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They are lovely, I especially like the one chewing the straw... It's so cattish...

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Tooo Cute!!! I love the "straw chewing" one too - a typical cat!!
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Seda I just love them!!!! What a wonderful furry familiy you've got!!!
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Seda...They are all precious!!
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I love Minnosh's picture. She is clearly looking into the camera lens, wonder what she sees?
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