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This made me cry

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I know there is always a campaign at christmas against drink driving, personally I think the campaign should be an all year event,this made me cry hard.


I went to a party,
And remembered what you said.
You told me not to drink, Mum
So I had a sprite instead.
I felt proud of myself,
The way you said I would,
That I didn't drink and drive,
Though some friends said I should.
I made a healthy choice,
And your advice to me was right,
The party finally ended,
And the kids drove out of sight.
I got into my car,
Sure to get home in one piece,
I never knew what was coming, Mum
Something I expected least.
Now I'm lying on the pavement,
And I hear the policeman say,
The kid that caused this wreck was drunk,
Mum, his voice seems far away.
My own blood's all around me,
As I try hard not to cry.
I can hear the paramedic say,
This girl is going to die.
I'm sure the guy had no idea,
While he was flying high,
Because he chose to drink and drive,
Now I would have to die.
So why do people do it, Mum
Knowing that it ruins lives?
And now the pain is cutting me,
Like a hundred stabbing knives.
Tell sister not to be afraid, Mum
Tell daddy to be brave,
And when I go to heaven,
Put "Daddy's Girl" on my grave.
Someone should have taught him,
That it's wrong to drink and drive.
Maybe if his parents had,
I'd still be alive.
My breath is getting shorter, Mum
I'm getting really scared.
These are my final moments,
And I'm so unprepared.
I wish that you could hold me Mum,
As I lie here and die.
I wish that I could say, "I love you, Mum!"
So I love you and good-bye.

MADD (Mothers Against Drink Drivers)
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It made me cry to.

Sometimes my dad used to work late and get in about 1 am. One night (before the days of mobile phones) he hadn't come home on time, so my mum asked me to sleep with her. About 3 am she got a call from the hospital that dad had been involved in a car accident. My dad never has, and never will, drive after drinking alcohol - but the guy who hit his friend's car was drunk. My dad was sent rolling 50ft along the road through glass and bits of tarmac. He was relatively unhurt, nasty cuts and bruises and still has scars to this day. I remember the ambulance bringing him home at 5 am - I was only about 8 or 9 years.

I would never drink and drive - but always worry about others who do. So I don't go anywhere on nights like New Years Eve that would require me to be out on the road - if I went to an event it would be one where I stayed overnight afterwards.
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Thank you, Ashleigh, this is so touching. MADD is such a worthy cause, and I hope their message will truly get through to people this year so that we are able to have dramatically fewer accidents cause by drunk drivers. This story really makes their message personal, very sad.
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Thank you for sharing this story about your Dad, Beth. I'm so thankful he was not seriously injured. How scary for such a young girl, and it's obviously made a lasting impression in your life.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Thank you for sharing this story about your Dad, Beth. I'm so thankful he was not seriously injured. How scary for such a young girl, and it's obviously made a lasting impression in your life.
It has made an impression. I wouldn't say it rules my life, but it did show me at a young age that I should be careful later on. It doesn't stop me from having fun, but does change how I organise my fun - I may even get a night away in a hotel somewhere and make a real event of it so it's not all bad LOL!
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I´m speechless.... ....... .....
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That poem really makes you think that every action is going to have a reaction... So please dont drink and drive and if you do drink... Please designate a sober driver!!
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Oh I'm bawling.....
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I have read this several times.
Honestly, Who ever drinks should take a taxi instead of driving or getting others to drive, because although some may have had a beer 2 - 3 hours ago it still effects in heaps of ways.
*Listens in driving school* Lol
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That's a very good poem to post around this time of year. That's one thing I dread every New Year's Eve/Day - the traffic fatalities due to people DWI.
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Thank you for posting that... It brings tears to my eyes everytime I read it... The night I was hit by a drunk driver, all I could think of was why me? People need to start thinking of the consequences of their actions...
That night is one that I wish I could forget... I never find anything fair in that I *could* have died, and that if my friend who was supposed to be with me *would* have, as she would have been in my backseat, luckily she decided to stay home. When the paramedics were coming to help, I heard one say, "there is no one alive in that car, there can't be"
I spent so long in the hospital while the guy who hit me didn't even have a scratch..
People really need to wake up...
Sorry, I just had to get that out
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I've read this post before and everytime it brings tears to my eyes.
Thanks for sharing this.
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very Sad but how true this is thanks for sharing and yes i cried when i read this
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Oh that is sad. Hopefully it will help get the message across.
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That is such a sad poem!
Several years ago, the only daughter of one of our local high school teachers was killed when she was hit head-on by a drunk driver who had driven down the wrong side of a four lane highway for two miles. Many other drivers told the police that they had to swerve to avoid getting hit head-on themselves that night, but this girl never even had a chance to try to avoid the accident, and she probably never really knew what had just happened. She was 17 years old, and only 2 months away from her high school graduation when she died in the helicopter that was rushing her to the nearest hospital.
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