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It's been ages!!

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We FINALLY got internet access in our new place. Things are going well. Having no roomies makes the stress levels a lot more tolerable! How is everyone? I have so much catching up to do!
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Hi, and welcome back! I don't know you very well, but I remember your story about your last apartment and the violence that went on there. I hope your new place is much better:tounge2: I look forward to getting to know you, as well as the other members, better over the next few months.Here's a big Blob Welcome Back Extravaganza :blubturq:
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Welcome back, Cassie! How's the new place? How are the cats adjusting? How are you feeling? We're so glad you're back. People have been asking about you!
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Welcome back Cassie!!!!!

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Welcome back!

How nice it is to have your own place!
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Cassie and Craig; I missed, missed, missed, you and your fur family! So glad you are "connected" again. How is the new place? Got a lot of unacking and decorating to do I am sure. . . . Did I tell you we missed you(?) Well, we DID!!! Get back on here and tell us all about the move. Take pictures of the new place, too, okay?
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OooOOoooh 3LK.. something happened today.. I just remembered.. and I know you'd love to hear about it! We spotted two deer through our back sliding glass door. I didn't think to get any pictures.. I will do my best to get the camera in time.. 2 deer!

The new place is wonderful and our move was quick and pretty easy. We worked really hard over the week that we moved and we are now fully unpacked. As for decorating.. finding a job hasn't been to easy.. so we are still a little low on cash. I can't wait to get started though.

I can't keep the cats outta the fireplace. It doesn't has one of those screens you can slide.. but just a big screen that you put in front of it. They keep pulling the big screen back and crawling in it. We haven't used it yet because it hasn't been cold enough... but apparently our landlord didn't clean it well.. and we had little black paw prints tracked through the entire house... on the counters, in the tub, on the carpet... you name it. The little rascals.. now we know what they do when we aren't home. They keep me busy cleaning.. its a non-stop adventure around here Well time for me to call it quits.. its so nice to be back!
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Welcome back Cassie! It's great to have you here again. I'm glad the move went on smoothly.
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So happy to see you back dearest!!! You've been missed around here. I'm glad everything's been OK! Do you have any pics of the new place?
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It's nice to see that you are back Cassie!
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Hey Cassie!
Its so good to see you back!

I'm glad you and Craig are all settled in and happy!
It sounds like the kitties like the new place too!

My fur family has grown since I last talked to you, but if you've been reading the threads you already know that! :LOL:

When you get a spare moment, fill us in on all the news....details!

Great to have you back, I missed you!
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Welcome back Cassie. Your new place sounds so nice with a fire place and seeing deer out the back and all.
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Welcome back, Cassie! Your new place sound really nice. That would be cool to see deer right outside of your house!My husband's parents live in Flagstaff, and they have elk that walk around in the fields behind their house!
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Add my 'welcome back' to the list of others!
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Hi Cassie

Sure is good to see you back! How's the computer course going! I was wondering and thinking of you often! Welcome Back!

Love & Peace
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