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Cheryl, it's nice to hear your sister is home. This Christmas season will certainly be very special for you. Your sister is in my prayers.
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Such sad news! I join the others here wishing you and you sister & the family Very Good Luck. You may be comforted to hear that some years ago I joined a support group for relatives of people with brain tumours (as I was in a similar position to you) and some in the group had the most incredible & uplifting stories, of amazing recoveries. People DO get better from this, I will pray that your sister is among them.

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Cheryl, not sure how I missed this thread, but I want you to know your sister is in my thoughts and prayers.........we have to have faith that all will turn out.....keep believing.......
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Oh, Cheryl, what a difficult time for your family. It is wonderful that you all will be able to spend Christmas and bring in the new year together. Please tell your sister I am praying for her and for your entire family. You have the entire TCS behind you, and love and prayers coming your way from all over the world!
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Your sister, you and your family are in my prayers. I'm sorry that you are kept on pins and needles about this while the scheduling gets worked out.
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How frustrating!

I just hope your family can try to enjoy the holidays together now, and try not to worry too much. Sending prayers for your sister
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Thats horrible!My Grandma had one a few years ago,and never fully recoverd.Hopefully all goes well with youre sister.
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Oh Cheryl, I know how hard it is for your sister, you and your family right now. There is never a good time for anything like this, but somehow, things like this happening near a holiday season makes it seem even more stressful.

I do hope that they get your sister's surgery all lined up and co-ordinated as planned. It sounds like both of those surgeons are excellent, and the fact that they feel confident about the procedures speaks for a very successful outcome.

I know it is easy to focus on all of the negative things that can happen and you are right not to take them lightly. Your doctors are presenting you with a worse case scenario so that you can be prepared IF something happens or doesn't go as planned. Try and focus instead on the best case scenarios - that the surgeries will be complete successes, that the tumours on the brain and in the eye will be removed without any complications, and that your sister will have a complete, uneventful and boring recovery:-). Positive thoughts will help to promote a stronger immune system in your sister and will make all of you feel better, especially during this longer waiting time.
Enjoy your holiday together and the blessings that you do have, and hopefully the New Year will bring even greater blessings to you all with your sister's complete recovery.

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Cheryl, I am praying for your sister, and for you and the rest of your family. As stressful and frustrating all the schedule changes must have been for all of you, at least it means you can spend the holidays together. You continue to be in my thoughts.
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I'm glad to hear you will all be together for the Holidays. I'm sorry that it will be under this shadow. Know that all our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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damn It must be so hard. BUt i hope your sister doesnt lose anything at all
*keeps her in her thoughts*
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Oh dear. Your sister and your family are in my thoughts. I have been receiving a lot of bad, health related, news from all over the globe lately.

Keep positive, I'm sure your sister is in good hands!
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12/29/04 Update

Surgery is set for January 25, 2005.

Found out now my Aunt has Alzheimer's. I am so sad.

They say God never gives you more than you can handle. Well I am on overload already.

Plus those poor people in Asia. I don't think I'll ever stop crying, for God's sake!
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Cheryl, your sister is in my thoughts for her surgery and I am also sorry to hear about your Aunt.
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Both of them and YOU are in my thoughts and prayers!
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I hope you can keep up your emotional strength for both of them. They need you. But it must be very hard. Best wishes at this very difficult time.
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Cheryl I'm so sorry. I don't know what I can say to relieve your burden - I suspect there isn't anything. But just to let you know that my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. Your sister is in my thoughts and I wish her the very best for her surgery. I send you strength and comfort to help you deal with this.
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Cheryl so sorry the dates have been changed. Lets pray it flies past for your sister to get it over and done with!.
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I'm praying. My identical twin sissy died in 1990. It nearly killed ME.
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Dear Cheryl, I am praying for your sister, for you and for your family. Hugs
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I am keeping your family in my prayers!
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You and your family are in my heart and thoughts.

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Sorry I'm joining this thread so late, but I thought I had already responded here.

I'm sending lots and lots of positive healing vibes and prayers to you and your entire family. I hope everything works out for the best!
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:O they have postpone this surgery for so long!!!
I wish you all the best
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Another delay, Cheryl! What a bummer. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
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Cheryl, I'm so sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister.
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Now I've just read all the posts replying to my thread here, and, now I'm crying cause all of you are so helpful in your concern, and taking the time to reply with your sincere warmth and prayers, and I feel like I wish I could hug all of you.

Aren't we the best of people here? God I love all of you for your love! Thank you all so much. It gives me strength just to come on, while I cry, to read what all of you have written to me.

I don't really think I'll ever stop crying. I think I'm dehydrating!!

Love to all of you!
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Cheryl, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister and your aunt.

Mega prayers and healing vibes heading your sister's way; I pray the surgery goes well and she suffers no ill effects because of it.

And mega prayers and vibes to your aunt as well. Alzheimer's is so scary and sad.

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OMG--I am SO, SO sorry that your family and your sister have had to constantly adjust to ALL the changes that have been imposed on all of you... You all are still, very much, in my thoughts and prayers, and hope when the time DOES come, for your sister's surgeries, that the Surgeon's hand is guided well, to perform the best, most accurate and least invasive surgery possible.... ((HUGS)) to you--and you do have our shoulders to cry on, if you need it.
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