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my doggies!

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yes, i know this is... a CAT site.. but, i love my doggies too!!

Here is the new addition.. she is... 11 weeks old.. her name is Tess.. she's a sheltie.. and, 100% rotten...

and... here is Popeye.. i had pictures on here of him and Lena a while back... we're actually making this picture into christmas cards for a few people!

hope you loved the pics... hehe..
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Aww how cute, They are both adorable. Lovely pics.
Can I have a Christmas card? j/k
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Is Popeye smiling or snarling! Those antlers are cute!
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OMG TESS What an adorable face she has. Popeye now just a true cutie pootie Love his antlers
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awwwww they are adorable

I love Tess' colourings
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