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Reality TV

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I just saw a commercial for this Sports Illustrated model competition.

Women get disqualifyed if their faces aren't symentric??? Give me a break. Shows like this are what cause women to have self image complexes.
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Media is mainly to put women down in so many ways they still say
"if you arent stick thin you arent beautiful"
I mean i thought they were encouraging women not to be anorexic!!!
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I'm getting to hate these shows. They bring people on there just to pick and be mean to them and give all the viewers a bad self image. Survivor was okay, but now that's all you see on tv anymore reality this, reality that. If I want reality, I will sit on my porch and watch my neighbors making fools of themselves!! (which is quite entertaining on weekend nights BTW)
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Originally Posted by Ali012281
Shows like this are what cause women to have self image complexes.
Exactly right!!! Everywhere in the media, we women are shown that we have to be beautiful, sexy, slim, smart etc to equal perfection. Not many of us are such model, perfect examples....so we develop image complexes, eating disorders, depression, opt for cosmetic surgery, buy hundreds of anti-wrinkle creams, cellulite creams etc...(making money for hundreds of companies as we do so)....when there is nothing really wrong with us in the first place, we are all beautiful and unique in our own way! Who would want hundreds of Barbie doll clones all walking around looking so similar or the same!!!!????
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Well it is a beauty contest and symmetry is one of the key indicators of beauty. For example, when woman ovulate chemical changes in their body causes their face to be a bit more symmetrical so as to be more attractive.
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^^ any references on that one?
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