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Originally Posted by carolcat
WELL, HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS, NOT!!!!!! I called the Wonderful company of SBC/Yahoo to complain about by order getting bumped up to December 17th this morning and ask WHEN WILL it be hooked up, the person that I talked to was very apologetic and when he checked on my location he said I was only 500 feet from the "box" so it was very unusual that it wasn't done, would I like him to check with "resolutions?" and I said yes thank you because you can't tell me if I will even be able to get it on the 17th right? Right, so he calls the supervisor and we wait about 5 minutes while SHE checks the "problem code" left by the teck that had supposedly tried to install it......THEN I hear that although the box has been installed, it is empty, the equipment is not in there, and although supposedly it is scheduled to be activated in the future, they can't tell me when that might be either, so they regret that they will have to CANCELL my order. ARRRRRGH , I was right, they were just "fishing" to see how many people up here would suscribe and I guess that they didn't get enough but sell the service before it is available anyway!!!! After hearing from her, who, tells me, go ahead and send the equipment back TODAY!! they want me to rate their service. About twenty minutes after this call, I get another one from them telling me I am "too far away from the box(500 feet remember?) to get service so they are cancelling me and send the equipment back!!!! SBC SUCKS!!!!!!!!
OMG!!! I would be livid! I am so sorry it turned out this way for you. SBC really has crappy service. I hope you gave them a -1000 on their rating of 1-10
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I had to hang up before I started cursing out the guy I was talking to, because after all he did get me the answer and didn't lie to me, he wasn't the one who sold it to me or lied about why it didn't work......liked how the call I got after that they lied again telling me I was "too far away" after the supervisor had already told me the equipment hadn't been installed in the "BOX"......grrrrrrrrrrrrrr that's ok, because I am BROADCASTING to everyone one that I can what they did and how badly they suck......so I am hoping that it is costing them plenty of customers besides me......hopefully anyway..... >:-(
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we kept our cable hooked up until we got the DSL up and running.. But then my brother is a computer operator by trade and has degrees and has been published blah blah so he did it in no time.
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I broadcast the same to everyone I know.
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Holy MACKEREL, Carol! What kind of as..........(oh, sorry, this is a family site!) turkeys are they?!
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