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My cat does not like me anymore!

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I have a two year old cat that used to be so loving and would let me pet her and would sleep with me. We recently moved and got a new kitten which she has come to get along with pretty well but she no longer likes me. She does not hiss and growl at me but she does not really let me pet her or pick her up anymore. She seems disgusted with me and wants nothing to do with me for the most part. Unless she is hungry then she'll be nice for a little but she is just not the same. What should I do? It's been a month and a half since the move and new kitten and she stilll hates me.
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I don't think she hates you.
She probably just needs more time adjusting to her new circumstances.

Also cats behavior do change as they get older...at least mine have!
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I agree that she doesnt hate you.
Its just her whole world has been turned upside down - a new house & surroundings and now a new kitten.

I had the same feelings when we introduced Cedar and I was so upset some nights thinking 'what have I done!!!' but it slowly worked its way back to normal and now Tipsy is just as loving as he always was - it took a few months however.

have you tried just having you & her time together - maybe at the same time each day - go into a room and just play together for a while?
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Dushka was the same when I got Ellie, but I made sure that she had special access to me-for a while I let only her sleep on my bed etc. and I played with Ellie when Dushka was not around. Now she has adjusted well, though she and Ellie are not best friends. Both Dushka and Ellie seem to like Persil more than they like each other, but I guess humans have their favourites too. And they all compete, but nicely, for my attention.
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Oh you've had so a lot of good advice here - your kitty doesn't hate you. When we first brought Felicity home, Tippy let me know she was thoroughly disgusted with me for quite some time!

But she got over it and is as loving, in fact now more loving, than she's ever been. She's more of a lap cat now than she ever was before and learned things from Felicity - like how to purr.

Give it time and plenty of special treats and attention - kitty will come round.
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Take a look at my post in this forum to "AlexandRoxy".

I brought a kitten(Sophie) home and not only was Rosie upset with Sophie but she was upset with me!, but now she's fine.
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Thought I would share an experience I had with one of my favorite cats (no longer here). She was very sweet and didn't mind me picking her up most of the time. Then we moved to a place with 2 dogs and she started being unfriendly and even tried to claw me when I picked her up which was not usual behavior.

When I removed back to the place we left from which had no dogs and was her familiar environment she became her sweet self again with no hint of damage. I think your cat still loves you inside but is reflecting stress. Cats are very sensitive to changes in the environment.

Anyway I hope this helps if nothing else to give you some hope that you can recover your relationship.
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