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LOL! Lily

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I know we all have cats that chase their tails, but it is soooo dang funny!!!

Lily is over in the hallway turning around and around with all her fluff flying.
It's sooooo cute!

She heard me laugh out loud and ran off.
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I know!!! I love it when I catch Penelope doing that!
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Mine was doing that too lol and then he got real dizzy and flopped on the floor!! lol
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Ah Tango does it at every possible moment she shouldn't, in bed at night, in the kitchen when someone is cooking, ect!
BUT I love it!
I wish though sometimes I could send that tail-chasing attitude to other cats Share it if you have it!
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Cutie!!!! Makes me miss Freddie like crazy, tho.
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It's cute!
Skinny and Wawa do that a lot and then they lie down on their backs with the tail between their legs and then kiss it. well, to me it looks like they're kissing it.
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LOL! I love it when they do this - especially my 5 week old kitties!
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Rosie doesn't do it now and Sophie hasn't done it for a couple of months but when she does she has me in stitches because as she chases after it she jumps in mid air as well
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Aww! I love it when they do it too.
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How cute, Lily! Sure wish we could have seen that!
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