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um im sorry i don't know much people on here yet, Sanctie says good things about people and is very caring.
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Erin is a newbie, but I have to say, she has cuuuute kitties!
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Cindy is such a wonderful person, and I always love reading what she has to say, there is never any doubt that it will always show how caring and loving she is
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ashley is really cool.......shes always making people feel good....she is very loving, and I wish her all the luck with her up coming wedding!!!!!!!
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Bridget is a great person and makes people feel good about themselves! and...very cute cats!
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Caprice builds great snowmen!
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Cindy makes people feel better by listening to them when they need a pair of good ears!
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Originally Posted by caprice
Cindy makes people feel better by listening to them when they need a pair of good ears!
Awwww, thanks Candie!

Candie had a beautiful Christmas tree this year (I'm jealous), and sweet helpers too!
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Cindy is such a wonderful, caring, compassionate friend. She cares so deeply about her friends and takes on their burdens as if they were her own. She goes out of her way to bring a needed smile and comes running anytime someone is in need. I can imagine no greater Mentor partner!
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Stephanie of Sierra is a very wonderful loving person. She's made me laugh. She's also so giving, I am so glad to know her

She's so great!!!!!
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Oh Man, what can be said about Tia??? MyRage is an inquisitive, sensitive, intuitive, empathic soul. She sees the world with a view that tells stories and takes into account deep spirituality. Tia rocks!
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Thanks E.

I'm so excited... Well, She's overwhelmingly spiritual, I can feel that from here. She's so commited to what she believes in. She's also one of the few who understand where I'm actually coming from...

She's got love larger then the world inside her and... HONEST I love honesty.

Had to type fast so I got to say something nice about ya E.
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eeek tia is the best....shes kind, brave and has an almost water-like intuitiveness going on..(if that makes sence)......she makes me laugh, and no matter how crappy her day was she comes on here and makes all of us feel great about ourselves...completly selfless.....

also on a side not..tia knows this was coming.......she has the most beautiful, cutest most heartwarming, smile bringing kitties i have ever seen
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nebula- you are always very helpful and kind.
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As a fellow bipolar disorder SURVIVOR (I refuse to say victim or sufferer) I admire Ozzy's strength to tell us some of her story...because when you do, you help all of us with a mental disorder erase the stigma. Keep up the fight and the good work Ozzy!

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Barbara...is very well spoken.....she is always very direct with her advice, yet always conveys compation within her posts......and always honest....and honesty is a good thing
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Bridget is great!! I have so enjoyed reading your posts which has enabled me to get to 'know' you and I just love Emmett
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Danielle is quick to pick up on just what people need to help them thru a crisis, like helping me with the Secret Santa while my MIL was keeping me occupied, thanks soo much, my friend!
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Cindy doesn't think twice about offering her ear to someone else, to listen to their problems, even when she is bearing difficulties of her own.
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Stefanie was a "sensitive child" who has grown up to be a very caring and sensitve adult!
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catfolks is new here! Hi, I am Bobbie.
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Charlie is a wonderful husband for Cindy!

Bobbie is very friendly!
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I just love Candies doggy, Watson! Of course I love Mittens too! But I have a very very special place in my heart for Watson!
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Sam is such an awesome person. Its great having someone my age here, but Sam is far wiser then I am. She always knows what to say, and her advice is always right. Sam is, as already said, wise far beyond her years.
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Jenny has the sweetest, most sensitive personality.
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Cindy is so caring. If someone is having a struggle in their life, Cindy is always there to help out and listen to their problems. She always knows how to calm an upset soul down, and she does it with love.
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ilovecats is always sweet to everyone.
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Bobbie has some awesome new year's resolutions
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Cindy truly has the soul of an angel!
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Ashley is a very friendly lovable person who also loves cats.
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