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Why I don't decorate until Christmas Eve

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I usually make the excuse that I just don't get around to it, but the real reason is ... we have a certain "little" cat. Generally, Christmas decorations go up on December 24th, and are taken down January 2nd, because a certain little someone thinks all Christmas decorations are cat toys. My parents, who always had a houseful of pets, did things that way. My mom now has two dogs and a cat that leave the decorations alone. My in-laws, who've seldom had pets (one outdoor dog and a bored parakeet/budgie) have always decorated right before Advent. My husband really doesn't like the fact that I "ignore" Christmas until the day before (of course, he ignores the fact that I get stuck with all the shopping, and start in August at the latest), so I decided to put some Christmas decorations up today to keep him happy. Jamie was up most of the night, and buzzing around until about 2 p.m. today, so I figured it was safe to decorate while he was crashed out up in his cat tree late this afternoon. He woke up about 6 p.m., and immediately tore the Christmas stockings down (expensive - monogrammed petit-point ones I bought for everybody last Christmas) from where they were hung, about 6 ft. high on our china closet (no fireplace). When I scolded him, he went into the kitchen, and pulled down the window decorations (plastic, supposed to look like glass mosaics). While I was putting them back up, he ran back into the living room, and pulled down the window decorations there. I have a huge collection of handmade tree ornaments, which have remained in their boxes for the past five years. Instead, our tree is decorated with cheap and easily replaced wooden ornaments, which are stripped off the tree every day and hidden under the sofas, TV, stereo, rug, and in the litter box. Does anybody else have a "Jack the Christmas Tree Stripper"? I find myself thinking about buying one of those little ceramic Christmas trees with a light bulb inside, and foregoing any other decorations.
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I was at metro early last week (do you know Metro Tricia??) well they had these small christmas strees already decorated for 6 euros. considering i lost my xmas tree that last time i saw was in my cupboard...
I got it and the cat immedietely went for it untill he started chewing on the bulbs and i got really angry, But now has lost interest thank god... lol
My mum bought the same size but a real tree already sprayed in white.
Have you seen them in the Tengelmann?
I put that next to it but the cat isnt interested in one bit, which im very glad of.
Im actually glad i spent those 30 euros at metro for buying xmas lights, tree, wreath and little jesus with bambies..
Boyfriend though i was crazy but i said you never know.. Its always nice to have these things stored for the next year.
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Well so far my snowman candle holder has been knocked off the table and the snowman broken off, I have another snowman missing a nose that sits on the dining room table, someone (or rather some fuzzy being, since no one else was home at the time) drug my christmas village off and 3 of the houses look like a tornado hit the town, and I have a big hole in my tree where I have had to drag Gracie out several times. Most of the ornaments from the bottom of the tree to about 2 feet up are MIA (they are all plastic balls, so Im not worried about the breakage). Now when they are messing with the tree and I walk in the room they sit looking all innocent.

I guess this is what Christmas with 4 cats, 2 being kittens is all about!
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I have a "crazy" little Bengal. There is no way I can have ANY Holiday decorations.
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Oh, TRicia! What a picture you paint! I'm sitting here chuckling like a ninny at the little monster's antics! When you get through being POd at him, give him a hug from me -- what a character!
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Of course, they don't want santa to take THEIR presents away for being bad little kittys.....sides when you have that many its hard to tell who's guilty without catching them in the act....sigh....hee hee.....
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I just put up the tree yesterday and it has no ornaments on the bottom half and all the branches are bent where the cats have been climbing in it. I have now given up on even putting them back on the tree so they are scattered around underneath the tree and every where else. Guess that's what I get for trying to decorate with three kittens. This is my first Christmas on my own and I'm already tempted just to take the tree down, lol. We'll see what happens, maybe they'll lose interest.

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My tree is up and it has nothing underneath but the base mantle. So far, my kitties are being good and take naps beneath the tree.
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We have 2 trees up... and Orie has been climbing up.. and were there is a layer of where the branches lock in.. she lays on them... and, shes has made a mess of the other decorations.. Lena doesnt bother them really.. shes nosey.. but, i think she knows i will be mad at her.. i feel horrible.. but, now they have to be in my room almost all the time.. they are always there at night.. and when we arent home, just for the fact that if someone comes in... they cant sneak out.. but, Orie hasnt really been bothering the stuff much... we sat down and had a little talk.. hehe.. like she really cared what i was saying... she was thinkin... shut up so i can climb that tree!
they have been out under supervision.. and whatever room im in.. they have been staying with me.. so im proud!
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Toes and Tailer do that so I usually put my Christmas tree up too high for him to reach. Fortunately he no longer jumps 8 feet high like he did when he was a kitten so I just have to put a small tree up at eye level for me (I'm 5'3").

The first year I had to still tie the tree up and search out Xmas ornaments every day. When I moved I found the rest of them.
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I know for you its quite frustrating what Jamie does - but for me it gives me such a giggle (sorry hehe)

my boys have no attention whatsoever to any of our decorations this year - I am pleasantly surprised
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I had to laugh at Jamie myself - he was like a little whirlwind, and was obviously having fun. Well, I'm going back to Christmas decorations only between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day. Maybe I'll take a look at the little trees at the stores fwan mentioned, and put one behind glass so we have some sort of decoration before December 24.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I have a "crazy" little Bengal. There is no way I can have ANY Holiday decorations.
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Oh Tricia i'm sorry for laughing but that was so funny!. I would have loved to have seen Jamie tearing around like that!.

I havent put a tree up this year because Rosie was bad with climbing it and pulling the beads off Sophie would be worse!. I have to shut the living room door if i'm upstairs on the computer because i have gold bells draped over the fire mantle and shes had them down twice already.

Im still giggling.
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I don't recall any of our cats climbing the tree, but all the bottom ornaments were always plastic!

Tricia, maybe if hubby had to put all the decorations back up he would understand why you delay decorating.

Merry Christmas, Jamie!!
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Yep! I understand! I really would like to get my tree now (it's the 11th of Dec.) but, will be traveling for a visit in New York for about five days and will be back on Dec. 21st. I'm afraid that my cats (especially Shree who is only a year old) will make havoc of the tree (while I've gone) so I will probably wait and get the tree after my trip!
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According the the church calendar the season of Christmas does not begin until 12/25 and it really does last only 12 days. You're being liturgically correct, even if you don't want to be!

Our cats are enjoying the tree. I'm just prepared to re-decorate it every morning after their nightly adventures.
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We are getting our tree today and decorating - wish us luck with two 14 week old puppies, five 5 week old kittens, 2 dogs and 6 cats!
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That is so funny. I just love Jamie, he cracks me up!

I haven't put my tree up yet, I plan to tonight or after work Monday.
I have no idea how Sammy will react. He ignores the pointsetta, so far so good.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
We are getting our tree today and decorating - wish us luck with two 14 week old puppies, five 5 week old kittens, 2 dogs and 6 cats!
Brace yourselves!
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