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meep! *pulling hair out*

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can anybody reason to me WHY on EARTH my kitten feels the need to jump into the litter box AS i'm cleaning it and make use of it? then once it's completely cleaned, he jumps in and rolls around in the litter, completely covering himself in dust. once or twice, i could ignore. but EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!! aaaarrrrrgh! and he just had a bath, too!
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Just to drive you crazy? I'm not sure... Baylee likes to hop in the box when I try to scoop... I think it's her possessive nature kicking in, like "this is my box, back off!" If the box is fresh (or if I've just added more new litter) she'll just lie in it, for no reason. That part I have figured out - maybe she likes the softness?
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Oh and welcome aboard! Your kitty is cute!
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that is the best i've been able to figure, so far. i can't make him stop. i've given up on shoving him away. he also insists on sticking his face into the bag i put the clumps in as i clean!!!
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Yup, Baylee does that too. It's like move, this is GROSS... but they don't care!
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thank you ^_____^ he stole my heart that fateful day, and i've never gotten it back. (my husband is insanely jealous lol)
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Theres a few cats on this site who does that and my youngest cat Sophie is one of them!.

I scoup twice a day, but the minute i've done it and start sweeping up around, Sophie jumps straight on and manages to do something in it!, so i just have to sit and wait for her to finish before i scoup again

She's worse when i fill it with fresh litter at the end of the week because she jumps straight in, lies down in it for about 20 seconds then shuffles about a bit before she does something!
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well, i'm glad it's not just me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mine do it too. I think it's partly marking the box as their territory.
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My Joji just began doing it but not very often.

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