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cat outside

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I went outside today to take my dog to the bathroom. And a kitty ran under the house. I brought him some food out there, and put it down and backed up, and he came out. He was really weird looking. His arms and head was gray striped, his eyes were sunk in and were blue, and from his neck down his tail was brown and white. I was a little scared , but I took the initiative and petted him, and he just started purring and rubbing all over me. So, I made my husband come out and pick him up so we could see what gender he was, *cause I was too scared to pick him up* and it was a boy.. I asked if he wanted to come in,but my husband said, "don't you dare *Since we already have four cats. * Sorry I get excited when I see outside cats and earn their trust Anyways, is there anything I can do to make sure he has a warm place outside to stay during the winter???
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There are actually a few good websites with information on how to keep a feral warm through the winter. I have a few on my webpage:

Scroll down to Cat Articles. Also..even if you cannot keep this kitten...please have him neutered before the spring so he doesn't create any more litters.

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My husband wont even let me bring him in the house, and he definately wont pay to have him neutered. Since I'm currently unemployed, I'm afraid I dont have the money to pay for it myself. He wont let me bring him in even just during Winter. See, I have a problem. I get too attached, and then I can't let the animals go. I'm currently trying to find 2 animals that we took in. I wish I could find someone who would do it for free, and I would definately do it. I would also feel bad for stealing someones cat if he belonged to someone. I always find lots of cats that like to stay under my house, I don't know how warm it is under there.. but its a little bit safer than being out in the open. I put food and water out everyday in case one happens to wonder to our house. Hopefully that will be good enough, and I will look around and see if I can find a free neuter for cats.
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Ouachita Humane Association, Inc.
PO Box 195 Mena, AR 71953
As long as the humane association has funds available, they offer vouchers for local pets to be spayed or neutered. Pick up an application at the Polk County Library, 410 8th Street, Mena AR and follow the instructions on the form. Someone will contact you. This program depends on donations and grants to operate, so at times, funds may run out. Note that this voucher is only for pet cats and dogs and no ear cropping, tail docking, or declawing may be done at the time the voucher is used for spay or neuter.
North Little Rock Friends of Animals
North Little Rock AR
Call the animal shelter to ask about the Friends of Animals program to help with spay/neuter for pets of low income households.

Arkansans for Animals (AFA) - Spay/Neuter Arkansas
Toll free 800-956-7289

Central Arkansas Rescue Effort (CARE)
Little Rock AR

Humane Society of the Ozarks
413 N. College, Suite 7
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Call during business hours for information.

Fayetteville Animal Shelter
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program
1640 Armstrong Rd
Fayetteville AR 72701
479-444-3456 or 479-718-7696
Provides low cost s-n for pets of people who have proof of low income. Call for an application. After application is approved, you can call for an appointment.

Randolph County Humane Society
PO Box 364
Pocahontas, AR 72455
Spay/neuter assistance for pets of low income people residing in this county. Contact RCHS by snail mail or contact the Randolph County Veterinary Clinic or Westridge Animal Center for information on the
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Thanks for your help... I could convince my husband to donate a few bucks to have him spayed, 20-30 but our vet charges almost $100.00 a spay. and I know he wouldn't be willing to pay that much for an animal we dont plan on keeping. I will check out these sites. I e-mailed the Fayetteville animal shelter and explained my situation and asked for information on it. Thanks again!!!
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Let us know how that goes.

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bless you for doing everything you can to help this little stray - he sounds adorable

keep us updated on how you go
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If he is a boy, he needs a neuter, not a spay (that is for females) and it is much cheaper. If he is not neuteres and lives under your house he will start to sparay around you garden, and that will soon smell horrible! Maybe you husband would agree for your own sakes to have him fixed?
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I asked him last night, he said he wont pay for another animal to be fixed, especially when we aren't keeping him. *no matter what the cost* and that I cant save them all. I understand what hes saying though because I do try to save them all lol, and he doesn't even like animals. So it was nice of him to do what he has done for my other animals we have taken in. But he has a limit. He said if I could find a free one then he would take him to it. The Fayetteville shelter said their low cost spay is about $10.00, I can come up with that myself easily, if they email me back. So, Im still going to try to find a way to handle this.. without my husband.
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Good for you! $10 for a neuter is terrific! Will the shelter be able to keep the cat overnight to let him recuperate from the anesthesia? It's important to do that because you do not want him trying to get around outside if he's still under the effects of anesthesia.

Try to also provide some more substantial shelter for him if you can. I believe Katie gave you some info above on how to do that. You can make a homemade shelter without spending a lot of money.

You are great to be doing this!!!
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I don't know if they would keep him there overnight or not, but I can let him stay in the house overnight if not. Yeah, that shelter is a good idea. I'm trying to get my husband to get the materials. We have hamsters and rabbits.. so we have bedding we can put in it to try to help keep them warm. I'm putting the instructions on how to make one on my online diary and some information so maybe other people who read it will do it also. I wish I knew if he belonged to someone or not, so I could try to find him a warm home for the winter, but I dont want to catnap someones kitty.
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Peppersmommy..chances are he isn't owned. Thanks so much for trying to get him fixed and for making him a shelter.

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I agree with Katie. If this little guy had a home, he'd be going there.

He could be lost - check the classifieds in your local paper to see if anyone is looking for him. My local police department keeps a lost & found list of animals, maybe yours does too.

Sad to say, though, it's more likely he's been abandoned.

It's probably better to use plain straw for his bedding rather than cedar(which I would guess is what you have for the hamsters and rabbits), since I've read that cedar oils can be toxic to cats. Straw provides good insulation, too.

Thank you for caring about this boy. By the way, have you thought of a name for him yet?
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We don't use Cedar bedding. I read that Cedar and Pine is bad for hamsters. I will research this to see if he has belonged to someone and is lost. He trusted me a little too much to not have been around humans though, that is why I thought that he belonged to someone. I seen a tortoise shell cat out there last week also, but I haven't seen her back around here. I didnt seen him out there today. Benji *my yorkie* keeps sniffing around the corners of the house and walking around like crazy barking at the floor.. so Im sure hes under the house right now. Well, I'll keep posted about if I see him tomorrow.
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Well, Fayetteville shelter wont let me use their program. It's only for Fayetteville residents, and I live 15 minutes from there. I think that is rediculous... if I had the power to help animals like that, I'd help as many as I could no matter what.
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Originally Posted by Peppersmommy
Well, Fayetteville shelter wont let me use their program. It's only for Fayetteville residents, and I live 15 minutes from there. I think that is rediculous... if I had the power to help animals like that, I'd help as many as I could no matter what.
people can be ridiculous sometimes . fume.

but your doing all you can to help the little guy and its a lot more than most folk wold do.
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I went outside to pet him today.. I am certain hes already been neutered...
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I am certain hes already been neutered...
How do you know he has been neutered??

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Because I have had 3 male cats that we had to get neutered in the past. I know how they look before, and how they look after.. and his look pretty small to me. I have seen another cat out yesterday. Shes a tortoise shell.. and shes looks to me that shes about 8 months old. Shes very sweet, but all bones. And I saw a gray one eating today but he ran when I approached him. I made a box for them, and put sheets in it.. and put it under the house so it wont get destroyed by weather.. hopefully that will help keep them warm. and Im going to be looking for homes for them, and emailing shelters.. so hopefully I will be able to find them a warm home soon. I brought the torti and the male cat that I talked about previously.. in the house for a moment yesterday because there was a big dog walking around our yard.. but my husband made me take them back out as soon as the dog left *hes afraid I will get attached and not want to find them a new home and/or they will give a disease to our cats we already have*..
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