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Board magic vibes needed......

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My brother contacted me about his father in law.

This is an excerpt from his letter to me:


Just an update on Jill's dad's health. He's gone downhill quickly. Sunday night, they had to begin constant suction of his lungs.

This morning at 1:15am, we got a call from Judy (Jill's sister) who said the nursing home was sending him to Trumbull. He couldn't breathe very well.

When we got to the hospital this morning around 2:00am, the ER doctor told us he had only 30 minutes left. Looked and sounded terrible and has aspiration pneumonia.

During the period between 2:30am and 4:00am, he actually stopped breathing twice for about 60 seconds each time. When we would go to notify a nurse, he'd take a big breath and start shallow breathing again.

It's just a matter of time now. His BP is slowing but steadily declining, was 50/30 last time I knew, but his heart still had good rythym. Respiration very shallow.

I'll let you know how things happen.
Love, Tom

It's all very sister in law's dad is in his 80's, and has been in a nursing home for the past 4 years. Jill has had to watch him deteriorate, and now this.......we all know his time is near, but if we could all just pray that it's an easy passing, if there is such a thing...........
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He's in my thoughts, Susie, as well as the family.
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I'm doing just that Susie!

What a sad week this has been for some of our members and their families
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Dear Susie, My prayers thoughts with you and special for your family.... How difficult time, Life and Death, please God Give us more faith.
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I'm thinking of your sil, and her dad, susie :/ but if the worst happens, at least he'll be comfortable
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Prayers are on the way. I hope your sister-in-law's dad will be able to pass easily, and be surrounded by those who love him.
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Thanks everyone....... I will pass this along......
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He is in my prayers. I pray the Lord will give him a gentle passing...
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Gosh, I kind of hope it doesn't happen today....I just found out that it is their 70th wedding anniversary today.....the mother is crushed enough as it is.....
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Your SIL and her father will be in my prayers, I pray the Lord will take him Home in the most gentle of ways~
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Oh no! Oh please no not yet!
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Best of best board magic, Susie. I so hope he has a peaceful passing -- and that it's not today. Thoughts and prayers for your sister-in-law and her dad, and all the family.
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Oh dear I will add on to my prayers for him that he gets this very special day to spend with his wife
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aww 70th anniversary????
i thought he was 80? or did i read wrong??
I hope he recovers from it!!
I think i might go to the elderlyhouse and see if they will adopt me as a granddaughter
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Your right Fwan, I did say that.....I checked with my brother, and I had it wrong. I knew he was older, but I guess he is 92. So is her mother.
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I will keep them all in my prayers!
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I feel so sad when I see news like this at Christmastime. You brother and SIL will be in my thoughts.
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Susie.... Will be sending boatloads of vibes to You and your brother and family...
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70 years that is so wonderful.
I would like to last that long.
I wish you all the best with him, although days are short.
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Thanks again everyone......
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Oh hun I will definately keep all of you in my thoughts, I hope things go quick and easy.
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He is in my prayers.
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Oh no... That's horrible. I'm bawling just reading this post. He's certainly in my hopes and prayers.
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My prayers are with him, Susie.
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Prayers on the way, and hugs to you. I hope that he passes gently into heaven and I pray that you and the rest of the family find peace during this sad time.
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My thoughts are with the whole family Susie. Please keep us updated.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
My thoughts are with the whole family Susie. Please keep us updated.

THanks Sam and SIL father is still with us. Just goes to show that the doctors don't really know..........they gave him 30 minutes last week,and he is still with us..............i"ll let you know.........
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oh Susie I just saw this thread - sorry I didnt see it earlier

my thoughts are with your brother & family
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They remain in my prayers, Susie.
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Well, I got word last night that my sister in law's dad passed away late last night. How very sad. Thanks everyone for all the vibes........he passed away peacefully in his sleep..............
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