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Roxy is evil

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I just dont understand roxy who never hissed or was mean in her life is now the devil cat.She was just sitting on the couch with me.When I tryed to pet her she swiped at me then started hissing.When I tryed to put her in the bathroom she flipped out hissing growling I had to throw a blanket over her to get her in the bathroom.She is so mean for no reason.Alex was in the bedroom with the door closed.I will not put up with this crap.I lock my poor cat up and roxy hisses and trys to attack me.No way I put her in the bathroom and thats where she is going stay.I dont know what to do anymore.I cant believe it alex is calm roxy is crazy.And I am going insane.Should I just leave roxy in the bathroom most of the day?Should I move alexs litterbox out of my office and put roxy in their for a while.I need some help.Because I dont want to have to make a decision of getting rid of one of them.Because my girlfriends cat will loose.I know I am asking alot of questions but this is the only place that understands and can help. H E L P Kitty hell now has its own deviL (ROXY)
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I had a cat, Lancelot, who got very agressive when I was a teenager. One day he was on my bed and wouldn't let me near it. It was beyond hissing. He was looking me straight in the eye and growling. Then he let out a loud very scary meow. Fortunately, I had a can of catnip extract in my drawer. I sprayed it on a rolled up pair of socks and tossed it to him. He immediately calmed down and rolled around with the sock. I know that not all cats are affected the same way by catnip, but if yours is this could be an option. Remember, you cannot punish a cat. Distraction is the way to go.

I haven't ever used the Feliway spray, but from what I've read on this site it sounds like a good idea!

I'm assuming your cat's behavior stems from the blended relationship with your girlfriend and her cat, but is there any chance it's medical?
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How long has Roxy been at your place now?
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and has Roxy been spayed?

there is a chance that she is just bored as well and is trying to get some attention?
I agree that feliway might be a good thing to try as well.
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Every behavior a kitty displays is for a reason, and Roxy is obviously upset, and most likely still trying to get adjusted to this huge transition in her life of not only a new territory, but also a resident cat. Getting angry at her and locking her in the bathroom will not address the root of her problem. If she will be in their for an extended period of time, she needs to be provided a litter box and fresh water at all times. I also agree that a Feliway Diffuser would be a great idea. Please keep us updated how Roxy is feeling.
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6 days isn't a long time really to get used to not only a new house but having a strange kitty there as well

Rosie was only 2 years old and it took her 2 weeks before she finally came round to Sophie being there, and she was only 6 weeks old!.

When i brought Sophie home i kept Rosie and Sophie separated, but Rosie knew there was something going on because her eyes were huge and she seemed jumpy?!.

The following day i let them see each other and Sophie only being little wanted to play, but Rosie hissed and growled at her and ran back to her room and stayed there, but not only that she hissed and growled at me and if i put my hand out to her and she would bop my hand as if to say "I HATE YOU!"

There was no way i was going to give up on them because when i took them on i took them on for life, so with giving both of them a lot of love and attention so neither of them felt neglected, especially Rosie!, it paid off in the end because their the best of pals now

This is going to take a lot of patience with both you and your girlfriend because it must be daunting for Roxy to be not only in a strangers house, but also having to live with another cat.

Imagine it as if you had a child and your girlfriend had one as well, because to me its the same sort of situation.

I have a friend who was in the same position as yourself, and it was really getting her down because they werent getting on like she thought they would.

I told her about the Feliway plugs like Stephanies just mentioned and she bought one. At first she said it didn't seem to be working?!, but i told her to stick with it, and now she's just bought her second one because although their not snuggle pals, they both tolerate each other now and thats what counts!
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