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WHy is he doing this!!

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When i had my "monthly friend" my kitty was trying to hump my arm!
And now he is going at it to my rabbit!!
doesnt he know she is a different spieces?
can she actually get pregnant from him??
But he is so young only 12 weeks!
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Maybe he sensed something, I don't know if it works that way. I think the rabbit was just something small and furry so thats why he was "attracted" to it. Some males hump stuffed animals. You should get him neutered, he is certainly old enough. It'll only get worse if you don't.
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Time to get him neutered Fawn -
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But my vet said at 6 months???
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Six months is unnecessary to wait that that long. I just had my kitten neutered at 12 weeks. The only requirement is that the kitten weigh at least 2 lbs since they don't give any pain medicine and it was just a travelling trailer vet that comes to my shelter for a low cost clinic every month. Maybe get a new vet, that one seems old fashioned. I don't know of any vets that wait that long.
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really nueter them at 12 weeks?? I always was told and thought 6 months cause I wasn't sure there bits had all grown until then.
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Saki was neutered at 11 weeks.
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Although I'm not really for early desexing, I think it is time to get them desexed once they start doing this Fwan-
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Well that's good to know they can have it done that early. Thank goodness Char hasn't started that mess yet.
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