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My cat has Cryptococcosis, I have questions....

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If anyone has had any experience in treating the fungal infection, Cryptococcosis, please let me know. We have tested her for FIV and she is negative. Her immune system is fine. The medication (Ketoconazole) that the vet put her on makes her sick and she is losing a lot of weight. The only other option for medication given by our vet is called Itraconazole. This has a lot fewer side effects but is very very expensive. The treatment of this infection is said to take 10 months and the monthly dosage for the medication is over $300. I can't afford the medication but I can't afford to lose her. If anyone has found any alternative to treat this infection please let me know. I have heard of a medication called Flucoriazole that may be able to help infections caused by a fungus. Has anyone used this? Please help!
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I am not really familiar with that particular fungal problem. However I am sure it runs along the same line as ringworm. I would ask the vet about a drug called sporonox. It is very effective and it really isnt that expensive.
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Yeast are eukaryotic organisms like mammals. That means, unlike bacteria, which are prokaryotic, they have similar cellular structures with us/dogs/cats. So whenever a cat/dog/person takes a drug for yeast/fungi, the drug attacks both to the yeasts' & cats cells. And that means more severe side effects. Drugs for systemic fungi have really serious side effects.

I have looked for that disease in internet & found out that it is primarily a problem in animals that have a deficient or suppressed immune system. But you said that that her immune system is fine.. And I have learned that the fungal particles are found mostly in bird (pigeon) poop.

" 5-fluorocytosine - penetrates CSF, but resistance develops, use in combination
- Amphotericin B - difficult to get adequate levels in CSF
- Fluconazole - good drug distribution to CNS, effective
- Ketoconazole ineffective, poor distribution "

Another one:

" Treatment is costly and often fails. The drug of choice has been Amphoterican B. One treatment plan is 1 mg/day in 10 ml 5% dextrose rapid injection 3 times weekly . This is done until the BUN (A test for kindey function) is above 70 mg/dl. Anacobon, 5-fluorocystine, itraconazole, and ketaconazole have also been used. One study reports a 96% success rate with fluconazole in cats and this may well be the better drug for cats. The dosage most commonly used is 50 mg/kg PO four times daily. "

Most yeast infections can spread to humans also, so you should be carefull if there are people with suppressed immune systems in your home.
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