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Attention all artists/crafters

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What is everyones thoughts on this. I bet we have lots of people who make stuff. What about posting what you make, pictures if available and interested people could pm the person who has stuff of interest?? Maybe a portion could be donated to a worthy feline cause??
I'll start.

I've been having perrenial plant sales at my home for about 5 yrs. My specialty is hostas as I have about 160 varieties. I also make our of colored concrete hosta leaves I use other leaves too. I made a birdbath top this yr using a rhubarb leaf as a form. I also paint up terra cotta pots, my husband makes rustic benches and birdhouses from old barn boards. I've painted and cut barn boards to look like pumpkins, trees, snowmen. I obtain old wooden panel doors, cut them apart and paint garden related themes on them. I've started welding classes and hope to get good enough to make welded garden art from leftover metal stuff (tools, gears, etc) I started some beading projects also. This is in preparation for when I'm out of a job next fall.
So what do you think????
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I actually put a similar idea to valanhb before the crash - but what my intention is, is to set up a website of all the artworks I do, (all the cats, anyway) and anyone who's interested in purchasing will have to pay a set price for the image. That money will be donated to a feline charity with a small portion of it covering the costs of my artists materials. I'll let people know when that site is up and running, so that you can all come and mosey on in. At the moment I'm snowed under with portraits to do because of it being so close to Christmas (I'm getting lots of requests for kids, strangely enough)... so I'll see. I'll post something when I'm a little less busy!
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Lilie cat make sure i can pay by überweisung
As i dont have a credit card or paypal.
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I think that's a great idea!
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Just got a new sewing machine for Christmas from my husband (OK, I wanted it early to make gifts for my family and friends). I can now do the fine finishing for scarves, napkins, etc. Pick a fabric or color and I can now whip these out!

I do a lot of craft items that are cat and dog themed already, giving the proceeds (after cost) of every sale to the Humane Society. Describe it and I can probably make it. I do mostly fabric based items, like catnip toys, wands, beds, tents, wall hangings, pillows, blankets.

I've made $1,100 this year for the Humane Society doing this, not to mention the sale of the cookbooks that I created on their behalf which brought in another $1,200 or so. It's gotten quite a bit of speuters done this year!
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That's wonderful that you all sell and donate
I do lots of different crafts, but I have never sold any, I usually give them as presents.
But whenever I make the kitkats some toys I make a few extra and give them to the SPCA
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I don't want to spoil anyone's festive mood, but please don't post anything that might be construed as advertising your business in the lounge. This being the season, I will allow a thread posting crafts for sale, providing that all proceeds (minus shipping etc) go to animal charity. There is no way for us to check on you - I will take your word on it.

So, please do keep posting if this is what you have in mind. If you want to promote your crafts in any other fashion, please do contact Mary Anne (hissy) and she can help you with it.

Thank you!
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