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Pet Insurance

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Anyone have pet insurance? I've seen it advertised on Petfinder. If you have it...

1. Is it worth it?
2. Have you had any problems with claims?
3. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance, I just want to make sure my kitties can get the help they need if something comes up.
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I do not have it, but I did look into it at one time. I did not get it because my cats have FIV (pre-existing condition) and, at the time I checked anyway, they would not be covered for any FIV related complications... which could be anything... So that's something to consider if you're cats already have anything that you know of.
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I have VPI insurance for Annabelle and will be signing my new kitten up for it as well. I think it's a pretty good deal. You get the routine/vaccine package for $99, which covers almost all of those expenses (which usually run about 115$ for me), so that saves me a bit of money. I also have their regular insurance, which involves a copay. I decided to get it after my cat Abigail got sick and they thought she might have an abstruction. I knew there was no way I could pay for the surgery (almost 1300$). She ended up having Felv instead, but I didn't want to risk that sort of hard choice later in life, so I signed Annabelle up. So far everything works great. I think I pay 22$ a month total and you do get a discount with more than one pet. You pay up front and they reimburse you.
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I was wondering about this as well.
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