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cats have no soft belly pillow anymore

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I had to share my achievment last night. I hit my lifetime goal at Weight watchers last night. I lost a total of 89lbs over 2 years. I feel great but am poor from buying a whole new wardrobe. Cats also lost the softest warmest pillow in the house. MY belly!!!
I just wanted to share..

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Thats brilliant!!!!! congratulations You look great!

I'm a gold member but i'm back with them again to shift some and so far i've lost 26 1/2lb

What do you think of the new plan?. We don't get to do it until january because it's still a secret, but a girl who's in class has a sister in America and she's told us a bit about it, then someone on the site told me a bit more
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WOW... Congratulations you look really good!
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Atta girl!
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OMG!!!! Thank´s for share with us!!!!! You look so great!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
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Congratulations. You must be very proud of youself and rightly so. Keep up the good work.
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Congrats on your accomplishment!! The results are quite dramatic. Did you have fun shopping for a new wardrobe? That would be a blast!!
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You look beautiful
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Yay! You go girl!
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Thanks everyone! I feel like a million bucks. It was fun to go from a size 24 to a 12. I actually love to shop now.
Rosiemac- I tried the new program and flex is what works for me. I need to count points or I eat to much. Why throw something out if it aint working right?

Everyone else. Thanks so much for the praise. I am seeing some relatives for the 1st time this holiday and they have never seen me like this. I cant wait!
I know this forum is about cats but I just wanted to share my special accomplishment. Its been a struggle my whole life and I am the skinniest at 35 then I have been since the age of 15.
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We were terrified that they were going to do away with the points system because as you know it's brilliant!, but we jumped for joy as soon as we heard that you could still stay on it if you wanted

I've dropped a dress size so far and come spring, if not sooner i should be at my target again!

One thing i will do though when i get back to goal is to keep attending the meetings once a week!, because it was through thinking i could do it on my own that helped put some weight back on!
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That's quite an accomplishment! There's hope yet for the rest of us who want to shed some weight!
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You should be so proud!!! Good for you!!!

Somebody motivate me!!!
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That's really great! You've done a excellent job! I don't think you're cats will miss your belly that much, and I bet they're as proud of you as we are. You look beautiful!
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Wow you look fantastic! My wife llost 75. I need to loose 100
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WOW! YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!! You should be so proud! I am trying to lose about that much, I think I will use your pics for inspiration. Thanks for sharing your success with all of us.
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Wooohoooo!!! WTG, you look great!!!
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