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Omg My Cat Just Threw Up!

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My cat was just sitting on my lap watching me type on TCS and then all of a sudden i hear him make a noise! You know those noises as they were throwing up?
So i put him down and he jumped on my bed and bleh bleh and HE THREW UP TWICE THE CAT FOOD!
what do i do now?????????
Now im throwing up from the smell
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ERK........guess you wash your bedding and keep an eye on your cat for awhile. Did you feed him anything different or could he have gotten into anything? Was there alot of hair mixed in with it? If there was lots of hair, sometimes they do this to get rid of it instead of just puking a hairball, or at least jasper does.......
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I just cleaned up my bedding but he didnt want me to clean it up!
I couldnt go near it to look at it if it had hair in it.
I Gave it normal cat food that he always eats.(kitten food) i dont know if my mum or dad gave him other food. He is running aruond as if he is fine.
I dont know maybe he was jumping too much and the food sort of reversed.
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Well, sounds like he is ok then, cats DO throw up sometimes, he might have found something on the floor and eaten it and it didn't agree with him, or maybe was too active on a full tummy. I would just keep an eye on him and not worry as long as he doesn't keep throwing up, have runny poo, or any other symptoms.
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Maverick has thrown up before when she ate a bug. as long as he doesnt do it again i woldnt worry too mch if theres not any other symptoms, eg. he's acting sleepy or grouchy bt if he's still doin it the next day go to the vet asap.
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him and bunny have just been running around the house chasing each other. Now they are on my bed having a nap
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Moving this to Health & Nutrition.
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One of my cats threw up all over the place yesterday, too. I had given Purdy a bit of Sheba's canned food, and he upchucked it within about two minutes. And canned food makes such a horrible mess when they throw up. I usually have Purdy on a low allergy food (Hills Z/D), but I'm trying to determine what exactly it is that he is sensitive to. So I'll probably see a lot more upchucked food before I find out. Yuck!
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Well i feed my cat Wiskas. I dont buy the canned food its in a packet? if that makes sense. The other night he ripped up the treat bag and ate half the pack but that wasnt the cause of him throwing up this morning :S
I know HIlls
They sell it at my veterenary, but its very expensive
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Sorry he got sick! Mine does that sometimes too. I think he ate something that didn't agree with him and once it was out, he felt better.
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Your kitty may have just over exerted himself while eating. My Paws does that, he eats to much or too fast and he ends up throwing up, thank goodness he doesn't do it on me.

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